10 budget friendly ways to make your home look more luxurious

  • 5Jul 2018

    Everyone Mumbaikar dreams of getting an apartment. Home buyers are already expanding their search for their dream home to Navi Mumbai and buying flats in Panvel and investing in property in Panvel. If you’re one of those who’ve locked down on a dream house, we’ve got a quick guide for you.  Transforming your living space into a luxurious home can cost you a lot. But with these budget-friendly ideas, you can definitely transform and make your space look more luxurious.

    1. Mirrors to make your home look glamorous: Mirrors are an important accessory that makes your home looks luxurious. They give the illusion of space and are available across all price ranges. Include one mirror in every room for uniformity.  You can also use your own creative ideas to decorate a mirror and convert it into a beautiful interior decoration. 
    2. Accessorize your room with colorful pillows:  Replace your older drab pillow covers with brighter and fuller colours. For the pillows, you can mix and match colors and textures and group them according to different sizes. Pillows in your home not just enhance the look of your space but provide a sense of comfort that every house owner desires. 
    3. Incorporate lighting pieces: Incorporate lighting pieces into your decor. You can create a dramatic effect by arranging the lighting in various bulb sizes and heights. Opt for lighting that has an interesting shape, design detail and finish. You can give a statement to your room by opting for attention-grabbing lights. You can choose warm lighting that complements well with the reflective textures of the décor in your apartment. 
    4. Rugs to make your apartment look cozy and inviting:  You can make your home look cozy and inviting by simply adding rugs. Rugs are the finishing touches of your living room or bedroom decor. You need to ensure that your rug is proportional to the space you are decorating. Too many small rugs as it will make your space look smaller.
    5. Elegant looking furniture: If you are looking for well-designed furniture that will enhance the look of your apartment, then you should check out consignment shops, second-hand stores and estate sales for quality pieces that fit your budget. 
    6. Artwork to make your home look classy and attractive: Your home looks more elegant and beautiful by adding family photos or creating your own art. Make sure that the art you select is of the right size and scale for the wall you are planning to decorate. You can choose artwork that matches not just the walls of your room, but also its furnishing. 
    7. Flowers to add a pop of culture and texture: Add fresh flowers and greenery into your apartment to add a pop of color and texture to your apartment. Indoor plants add color to your interior and are a great way to boost your mood.  Houseplants are a great way to bring nature indoors. Choose from spider plant, pothos, and ferns. 
    8. Replace old fixtures:   Properties can look even more glamorous with the right choice of luxury fittings which are easily available on all the budget friendly stores.
    9. Opt for bold colours and statement pieces: Choose deep colours if you do not like neutral colours. The bold colours can give your apartment a glamorous and luxurious look. Besides using bold colours and deep colours, you can give your apartment a makeover by opting for statement pieces such as chandeliers, stand-out rugs, and sofas.
    10. Select quality materials: Add materials such as well-finished hardwood, natural stone and metals to your décor. For the flooring, you can opt for hardwood or stone tile and for the appliances you can choose silver, bronze and gold finishes. You can opt for a mix of metal and wood for the furniture. Try and renovate your apartment by using natural materials such as hardwood paneling and modern brick feature walls.

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