2019 Home decoration ideas for Holi.

  • Home Decoration Ideas For Holi
    23Feb 2019

    Holi is around the corner and people celebrate the day with colours and water filled balloons. A festival that brings much joy and laughter. It makes sense then, that when planning Holi decorations for your home colours should play a major role. So many people love to have their homes awash with colours it is a fun way of adding a splash to your home.

    Bringing the charm of colours to your home is an exciting activity.  All you need to do is pick up right décor keeping the festival in mind. You can decorate your home with bright colours that imbibe the positive vibes that the festival has to offer with these simple ideas.

    1. Colourful Soft Furnishings -  The simplest way to add colour, to any room is through soft furnishings, a change of curtains, a few colourful pillows, or a bedsheet filed with swirling colours can change and brighten up a room instantly.  Bring out your favorite colours to make a rainbow filled room or just use one or two colours to make a difference. So many choices!

    2. Rangoli Patterns – No Indian home is complete without a beautiful Rangoli pattern on your front door. Each community has their special ways of doing so on any festival. For Holi you can opt for a fixed floor design that you get in beautiful shapes and patterns. These come in sticker forms and some even have jewel like raised designs. Or you can go the traditional way and draw out a Rangoli.  Decorate your patio or door with different designs, it makes a warm welcome.

    3. Colourful rugs – Place colourful cotton rugs that complement your home décor and other accessories. It will add a warming touch to your living space. You can opt for printed carpets if your curtains and pillows are solid in colours and vice versa to give a contrast.  

    4. Flowers – One of the easiest ways to include colours in your home is through flowers. Hanging a garland of bright yellow marigolds and green leaves on your front door is a traditional look , but always looks beautiful. Having bright colourful bunches of flowers  placed around the house brings both beauty and colour to our home

    Also, when you have spacious homes by Hiranandani builders, you can not only do all the above, but also have paper buntings, colourful candle stands, colourful flower pots and even multi-hued lighting to add some more festive vibes.

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