5 Home renovation tips to save more on home improvement cost

  • Home Renovation Tips
    20Mar 2019

    Hire a contractor - Get references

    The first step to renovation is getting the right one, but it is important that you check it out first. Remodeling your home is a huge project and getting the right contractor makes all the difference. Take the time to go and see the results of your project. 

    Budget and buffer (Money and Time)

    Now that you have a contractor, it is very important to set clear budget expectations, both time and money wise. Take the time to plan out each section and the changes you need. Once you get on the plane, stick to it. Changing your original plans causes budgets to go haywire. Add in buffers, in a real world, things will go wrong, no matter how much you plan, and having plan B is important. 

    Factor in local building codes and regulations for your area

    Many homeowners assume that they build or remodel their home game. Depending on where you live, the local building codes may be considered. Especially if you're digging outside your home for a pool, or installing some electrical / plumbing / mechanical / structural components or your BMC.


    You will be surprised at the number of options you have. The beautiful  lamp  that you liked at a higher price than elsewhere. So, when renovating your  house on the  floor, you should look at it, or you will be able to decorate it. Take advantage of online shopping,  thrift stores  and second-hand furniture shops and see how far you go.

    Consider Long-Term Costs, Not Just Short-Term Earnings

    When you are renovating your house, it is very important to remember not to take short cuts. Getting the best products and giving the contractor is important. A hasty job will mean more maintenance later. Planning your spaces really helps, what do you need.

    When looking for a property, investing in a well-planned space will help you save a lot of time and effort. The projects by Hiranandani Communities are located in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Chennai.

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