5 Things which may increase your home worthiness

  • Township Projects in Mumbai
    22Mar 2019

    Home is where the heart is. True that! But what do you have to do to make things look good? What if you want to refinance your home for something bigger and better.

    There are always a few things in your home that you would want to fix. Since it will be expensive, you might pick your options first. Here are a few things which can increase your home worthiness:


    Always start with the kitchen and bathroom they have the most resale value. Even if you do not intend to sell, your kitchen will always be there. Appraisers tend to look for updates in these areas first, due to the appeal for potential buyers.

    Replacing the cabinets, reviving old flooring, changing wall colors, exchanging few of the appliances etc. are few things which says a lot about your home and well-maintained home.

    2.  GO GREEN

    Mark all the places in your home where you want to keep plants and then go ahead and decorate your home green. Do not do it otherwise. Keeping plants in your home gives a fresh, healthy, modern and clean feel. They will not help you in the appraisal of your home, but they will have a deep impact on the overall look and feel of your home.

    3.  FIX THEM UP

    Each and every one of them needs to be at every point in time. Do not ignore the paint coming off the walls, get those kitchen drawers fixed for smooth use, check for the water leak in every faucet, check for all non-functioning door latches or handles, replace dead bulbs and lights with new automated ones, organize those openly lying shoes etc. are few things in the world


    Instead of just knowing what you are doing, you need to know what they are doing. Where do you go from home? Few tips from your homepage and your appraisal in a better way than you thought. You could also use their connections for better value for your place.


    Maintaining a list of all the repairs is essential for the homeowners. This also helps in the quality of work done by the agency and keeps a record of investment made in it.

    If you are looking for an appraised property in Mumbai, then projects by Hiranandani Communities might be the best option available out there. Do check out their properties!

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