5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Monsoon

  • 15Jun 2018

    Monsoon is the most exciting time of the year but before the rains cost you many repair changes, you need to take some measures to prepare your home for the rains. Hence, we have gathered a few tips. 

    1. Protect your plants: You need to protect your plants by preparing in advance. Trim big tree branches that may damage your roof. The heavy monsoon rains can loosen the soil and make trees more susceptible to becoming uprooted.

    2. Check for leakages: If there are any cracks, you need to apply a waterproof coating. Cleaning the rainwater pipes occasionally will help in the smooth drainage of
      rainwater from the roof.

    3. Pack your luxurious fabrics: Pack the luxurious fabrics away and make some room for cotton rugs and cotton curtains. You can put them in a cupboard and replace them with fabrics that do not absorb moisture from the air and remain damp always.

    4. Add colors to your décor: Get some pillows, cushions, rugs and other décor items in different colors and decorate your apartment with these bright colors. This way you are sorted and prepared for the monsoons.  You can also play around with a variety of colors and textures. You can add some zing and liveliness to your apartment by adding some colors such as orange, greens, and red pinks. 

    5. Take special care of hardwood floors: The wooden floors need special care and maintenance during the rainy season. During monsoons, the moisture content of the hardwood floor makes it swell and so you need to keep it dry and free from moisture all the time. You can also wax coat them before the monsoons to prevent the water from dribbling in.  You also need to ensure any maintenance work on the floors be done before the monsoon arrives. 

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