6 kitchen interior trends that are making a buzz in 2019

  • Kitchen Interior Trends
    9Dec 2018

    The kitchen, a haven you can escape to, a place where you showcase your creativity, a place where you can enjoy a hot cup of tea or a quick meal, a place where you can hold those long, thoughtful or silly conversations with your friends and family while you make a meal. This is one area in your house that is truly your own space and giving it those personal touches that showcase your taste is what it’s all about. 

    There are so many kitchens trends that we see for 2019 that we love, and, in this article, we bring you an amalgamation of the best we have seen: 

    1. White Kitchens with Pops of Color

    Yes, we know it is hard to maintain, but some traditions are there for a reason, and kitchens with a white base will be one that is firmly here to stay. It’s like giving you a blank canvas with free rein and endless possibilities of adding colors to enhance and showcase your taste. Think of solid granite counter tops in hues of dark green or blue, bright and colorful kitchen accessories to add that pop. You can incorporate wood or metallic accents or have a glass fronted cabinet to display your colorful cutlery. Lastly if space allows it, a small and cozy breakfast nook, because that’s where you will end up having th,e best conversations. 

    1. Customized Kitchen Islands

    Like cooking and love staying organized? Well, it’s time to remodel your kitchen island to customize to your needs.  There are so many bits and pieces you can add to a kitchen island. Roomy drawers that hold your cutlery and knives or hold your array of spices. Little cubby holes for your kitchen towels, baggies and recipe books.  A small cupboard where you can stow away your food processors and weighing scales, all within easy reach while you busily mix and stir away. 

    1. Matte Finish

    Glossy was the way to go while doing up your kitchen, we would see miles of glossy colorful counters and cupboards dramatically brightening up those kitchens, however they are also superbly high maintenance and can look quite tacky. Today matte is the go-to preference, beautifully done colors and textures that make your kitchen more dynamic and easier to maintain reducing the appearance of dirt, dust and finger prints while fitting perfectly with most kitchen accessories. 

    1. Metallic Tones

    Golden or copper tones in the kitchen is something that we have seen over the ages, a trend that has managed to sneak its way in through the varied changes in our kitchens. Let’s face it, these are the ones that bring warmth and add luster to the simplest kitchens. These metallic accents can be used for small fixtures like taps, cabinet handles or knobs that complement both light and dark colored cabinets. Using gold and copper tones gives a very classy vibe to your kitchen creating a vintage yet elegant ambiance. 

    1. Pendant Lighting

    Recessed lights have been a staple in kitchen trends for years and are likely to continue to stay. But, if you are someone who is looking to add a unique touch to their kitchen design, you can opt for suspended lighting. The pendant bulb will look no less than a centerpiece in the kitchen while adding that extra hint of quirk, expression and individuality.

    1. Induction Cooking

    These smart cooktops clear the way for endless creative design possibilities while also eliminating the need for the generic cooking accessories. The induction burner is fast, safe and utilizes less heat and maintains a safe environment in the kitchen. 

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