6 Vastu tips for your kitchen

  • Vastu for Kitchen
    15Apr 2019

    The kitchen in our Indian homes is considered to be one of the most pious places. And cooking is not just a daily activity but a source of joy, relaxation and positivity. The variety of spices used while cooking and their smell are considered to soothe our senses and add flavor to our mundane lives. We have prayers and songs, sung while cooking. And our homes are mostly constructed according to Vastu Shastra (the science of architecture), to ensure the continuous flow of positivity in our lives.

    If you are planning to remodel your kitchen or setting up a new one in your residential property, be sure of using these Vastu kitchen tips:


    Your kitchen should always be facing the southeast direction so that while cooking you can face to the east because as per Vastu, the Lord of Fire prevails in that direction and is considered to bring in prosperity in your lives. 


    Since Fire and Water are opposite in nature and are highly dangerous in a small kitchen setup, your kitchen sink and cooking counter should always be in different directions and not in similar or parallel to each other. According to Vastu, if both of them are in the same direction then they are supposed to bring in negative energy in the house. Keep this in mind. 


    Your daily basis stock of food items and other kitchen supplies should always be kept in the south-west direction of the kitchen as it is believed to invite prosperity and good luck. 

    1. PAINT

    Your kitchen walls or any other area should not be painted in black but in vibrant colors like yellow, orange, green etc. to bring in and spread positive vibes. 


    As per Vastu, your kitchen should have at least one window (big/small) facing towards the east direction. And ventilators should be facing southern direction. 


    With all the modern appliances in our kitchen (related to light and fire), there is very less space left. But all the appliances should face south-east direction for better vibes and flow of energy. 

    However modern we become, a few traditional values are going to remain intact. So, instead of fighting those values we should be mixing the art of modern designing and cultural philosophies together to bring in new amalgamated science. If you are looking for a property in Panvel or Navi Mumbai, then at Hiranandani Communities, one of the leading builders in Mumbai, we have all the properties constructed according to Vastu Shastra. Check out the residential properties showcasing the balance between Vastu and modern-day housing needs.

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