Holi 2020: Hues of Happiness

  • Holi-2020
    13Mar 2020

    It is as if a massive palette of colours falls on earth from the heavens above. The whole atmosphere is painted with bright colours—red, pink, yellow, blue, green, and purple.

    Young and old, men and women—all soaked in coloured water, running around and laughing.

    It is a war where a water gun is your weapon, coloured water is your bullet, and coloured powder is your smoke screen. It is a different kind of war though, a battle to spread joy. It is Holi.

    India – a land where colour, spice, and variety are synonymous with the way of life. A land steeped in traditions, India charms and bedazzles all her visitors with a kaleidoscopic rendezvous.

    Every street, every city, and every corner has a story to tell — all you have to do is listen.

    However, it is tradition, culture, and celebrations that truly bring this country together. And that is precisely what this myriad of colours that is Holi does – it breaks the bounds of difference and shows us that happiness is in celebrating together.

    A festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil, Holi is a celebration of the arrival of spring and harvests to come. It’s also the festival emotions, and happiness. And what better way to express yourself than with the vibrant colours of the rainbow?

    Clouds of colours dancing in the wind carry the message of love and happiness across walls, neighbours, and hearts.

    Brightly coloured powders are the mainstay of the Holi festival, during which men, women, and children carry powders and liquid colours to throw and smear on the clothes and faces of neighbours and relatives. It’s a day to celebrate and let go — loud music, local brews, and fun-filled chatter are all essential elements of the celebrations.

    With streets and houses doused in every colour imaginable, let’s take a minute to understand what these colours are about.

    Each colour symbolizes a force in life, and thus, colour and life are inseparable. Red, for instance, is a mark of matrimony since it symbolizes fertility, love, and beauty.

    Yellow is yet another vital colour in the Indian psyche. It propagates childlike happiness, purity and innocence.

    Other colours that tease the skies on Holi include blue, the colour of the calm, trust and intelligence. Green symbolizes new beginnings, harvest, and fertility. Orange is often associated with positivity and passion.

    The colours of India, speak the language of its people, from the red and ochre walls of village huts to the pristine white of the Taj Mahal. Colour, art, and culture in the subcontinent have surpassed all odds and continue to hold the country together in a spellbinding tryst of hues.

    The spirit of the festival lies in its unapologetic and unconditional happiness. It transcends class, caste, and religion and brings us together.

    We believe our Holi is absolutely colourless without the happiness of our community. This Holi, we at Hiranandani Communities send you our love and wish you all the joy in the world. So this Holi what are your plans to spread happiness?

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