Alibaug - a promising real estate investment opportunity

  • Plots in Alibaug
    7Jan 2019

    For all those who have been hired to make a living in Mumbai for years and are fed up of its small houses, soaring heat invest in a property. Only 3-hour long drive from Mumbai, in the coastal area Konkan town of Alibaug, builders are offering properties across all segments in several budgets.

    For more information on Mumbai, visit Alibaug for more information. With great connectivity (3 hours by road & 70 minutes by Sea), gorgeous scenery, historic monuments and other things Alibaug is becoming a buyer of center of attention. Here's Why:

    1. CLOSE TO NATURE    

    Alibaug is blessed with almost a dozen beaches and has a climate which keeps you at peace with yourself while providing you with a simplistic lifestyle, beautiful sunsets and the charm of old Konkan coast. Imagine working from your sea-facing balcony, sipping on coconut water (or Sangria), feeling the cold breeze on your face and being close to nature.


    Buying a property as big as you ever dreamed of in Alibaug will come at one-third of the price if not at the half, of what you are looking for in Mumbai. Since property rates are crossing every known limit, everywhere, investing in the right property at the right time is of extreme importance to gain proper ROI. Mumbai has been seeing a downfall in and around, in people investing in housing properties the next wave of investors is moving towards coastal regions. Hence, investing now could provide you with that ROI you are looking for. 


    Builders are now offering a range of properties to buyers, so they can choose as per their budget. Independent bungalow’s, 2/3/4 BHK flats, row-house etc. are various options provided by builders, so that everyone can get their kind of housing. In the budget of a 2-BHK flat in Mumbai, you can easily afford a sea facing property with your own garden in Alibaug.


    With hundreds of hotels, shops, and tourist spots, Alibaug is based in Alibaug, it is no longer just a weekend gate away. The time when only NRI and HNI's (Film Stars & Businessmen) used to buy their home in Alibaug is long gone. Now everyone who can afford a quality of life is looking for a share of the pie. People are no longer waiting to retire and live peacefully near the coast. They are doing it now, as they earn.

    If you plan to invest in a beach destination, with coconut trees and swaying cypress, do check out Alibaug residential projects by Hiranandani Communities for a peaceful living.

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