Create Your Own Home Office

  • 13May 2018

    By now you know that your office at home enables you to be more productive, while reducing your commuting time and the result of that are fewer sick days. But you need a well-planned office space. We’ve put together a few ideas to help you with it.

    • Build a space that suits you

      Get a tailor made desk. If you’re a fan of pairing art with the functional, a carved vintage desk would be the perfect solution. The chair has to be comfortable one, and if you’re going in for period pieces, make sure they match, or complement each other in their contrast.

    • Comfort comes first

      Get a chair that eases the strain off your back, preferably with an ottoman to rest your feet. Get a table with ample space for your coffee and work files and a great lamp. Create a kind of comfort zone what you will feel happy to work in.

    • Go green

      Bring the outside inside by adding a few plants on your desk and beside it as well. It’s important to make your workspace as green as you can. Usually succulents are small and easy to manage, if you would prefer a plant of your desk. Or, go in for a custom designed terrarium. It will add a bit of colour and interest to your working day.

    • Don’t neglect storage places

      If you’re not too careful things could just start piling up. It is better if you plan for a workable storage space either with floating shelves on the wall, or an easy to reach cabinet beside your desk.

    • Make it personal

      If you love to travel, use the photographs you’re proud of, to create a decoupage. Or, if music is what energizes you use those old, forgotten album covers and frame them up on your walls. If you like art, keep a few utility-based sculptures around our work area.

    • Elegance always

      Casual elegance is what makes a home office cozy and custom-built furniture definitely helps. When it comes to your wall colours, combine soothing nuances with natural light, or if bold colours energize you, use them as they would define a playful atmosphere.

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