Diwali: The Celebration of Life

  • Diwali Celebration
    25Oct 2019
    • Every year as this beautiful time rolls around, our lives become filled with a sense of wonder. All around us houses are lit and so are people’s faces. We step out to be greeted with open arms by the warmth of community. There’s no animosity, Diwali treats us all to joy and warmth and an awe inspiring celebration of life with all its vitality.

    • However we at Hiranandani Communities do not believe that this is a simple single day affair. Here, every day is as joyous as Diwali! This year we celebrate life and wish for it to be filled with joy, happiness, affection and prosperity. May our community stand stronger than ever.

    • We look to five elements of this wonderful festival to symbolize our celebration:

      Sparklers: As you see joyful children run around with sparklers, may you be reminded to celebrate the ever fleeting sweet moments of your life. At the Hiranandani upcoming projects we provide you with multiple amenities such as a multi-purpose hall and landscaped gardens that you can use for these moments of life.

      Rangoli: As we come together to happily make vibrant Rangolis, may you be urged to celebrate the colours filling your life. Our lavish and luxurious apartments give you plenty of space to fill your life with colours.

      Sweets: As you relish the sweets of Diwali, may you remember to celebrate the various flavours of life.

      Diyas: As families light their houses with Diyas, may we be motivated to celebrate the warmth of life.

      Gifts: As we exchange gifts and wishes, may you always celebrate the joys of live, small and big alike. At this point we must also remember that the biggest gift is the love of family and community.

      From ours to yours here’s wishing you a very happy Diwali! Let the festivities begin...

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