Factors to consider before buying luxury property in Chennai

  • Buy Luxury Property in Chennai
    2Apr 2018

    Chennai has emerged as a flourishing IT hub with many software companies opening offices and in this region. It is becoming a preferred destination for luxury residences. There is a growing demand for residential apartments in and around Chennai, as many individuals from high-income groups are settling in Chennai. Hence, it is important to consider some factors while purchasing a luxury property in Chennai

    1. Connectivity is an important aspect: A luxury housing project should offer excellent connectivity to roads that connects to different parts of the city. A check of the development plan is recommended to understand the proper road linkages that connects the project to major arterial roads of the city. 
    2. Check for amenities: You need to check for amenities that the developer provides. The amenities should be such that it offers you maximum comfort and that they fulfill your everyday requirements of leisure, fun, and recreation.
    3. Location of the property: It is very important to evaluate the location of the property. If you look for the right location and the right project, your luxury property will bring you good returns in the long-term. 
    4. Buying a property from a renowned developer: It is very important that you purchase your property from a reputed real estate developer. You also need to find out about their technical expertise, how professional and skilled is the real estate developer and what are the other projects that they have completed so far. 
    5. Check the neighborhood: The property should be in a good neighborhood. If you are staying in a neighborhood with individuals who share similar values, lifestyles, professional backgrounds and other factors, it not only impacts the quality of life you lead but it also helps you in knowing the class and caliber of people your property targets. 
    6. Choose a luxury property that has adequate green cover: It is very important for you to select a property that has adequate green cover in the neighborhood as well as inside the compound. 
    7. Parking spaces provided: Check for the parking spaces provided with the luxury property. There should be adequate parking space to accommodate at your vehicles. There should also be adequate space for the visitors parking within the compound. 
    8. Additional costs, stamp duty and registration fees: You should have the break-up of the luxury property you are planning to buy. The home buyer should research the stamp duty amount and then plan his budget accordingly. 

    Chennai is one of the fastest emerging and growing cities in India. Many are migrating to Chennai with an eye on planning to settle there permanently. If you wish to have your own dream apartment in Chennai, you need to consider the above-mentioned requirements.

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