Gandhi Jayanti: Towards a Cleaner Tomorrow

  • Gandhi Jayanti
    1Oct 2019
    • Every year as the second of October rolls around we are urged to think back to a great man and his teachings. Mahatma Gandhi is renowned worldwide for singularly influencing an entire nation to peacefully fight for freedom. His teachings of goodness and humanism are still revered today. Today on Gandhiji’s birthday, we are reminded of this crucial teaching of his. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Inspired by him, our PM, Narendra Modi launched the ‘Swachh Bharat’ movement to propagate the importance of cleanliness in the nation.

    • However, celebrities and VIPs simply being photographed holding brooms is not going to motivate people of the nation to overnight clean the entire country. We must look into the crux of the mind-set. Indians aren’t intrinsically dirty people. We keep our houses scrupulously clean. So why is our country still dirty?

    • The reason behind that is we have become steeped in a tradition that values the individual over the community. We differentiate heavily between our homes and the space outside. With this mentality, even a hundred celebrities sweeping the streets and a million clean-up drives will not help India become clean.

    • The way forward is to minimise adding filth to spaces around us. We have to shed the practice of stepping out of the entrance door and thinking that the space isn’t mine anymore, therefore how does it matter if I dump some more litter on the already littered street. It is time to collectively think ‘what is outside my home is also mine’. As the popular saying goes, “if everyone sweeps in front of their door, the entire street will be clean.” A sense of collective ownership will lead to collective responsibility which will result in a clean country.

    • At Hiranandani Communities we strive to blur the line between ‘mine’ and ‘our’. The living culture at the Hiranandani upcoming projects fosters a sense of togetherness. At collectively working towards the greater good. This sense of community, recognition of a greater good and collective ownership is the only way towards progress and we stand by it!

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