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  • Future-Ready Homes
    11Jun 2019

    With the advent of the technology boom, we need to be smart enough to adapt to the changes. For our homes, we can have all the modern and smart interiors, furniture and fittings to keep abreast with the available smart technology and make our homes smart. It is in the hands of the resident to build a smart home, but building a future-ready home is in the hands of the developer.

    The township projects by Hiranandani Builders are built keeping in mind the future, sustainability and technological advancements.

    • Go green

      It is time for most builders and developers in Mumbai and in general to incorporate green efficiency into their blueprints. This will allow reducing carbon footprints while developing the township, also encourage the residents to shrink the carbon footprint at their homes as well. Homes by Hiranandani Builders include solar panels, well-thought architecture to increase the passage of light and fresh air. Along with that, the township also boasts of landscaped gardens and green spaces for a healthy lifestyle.

    • Put spaces to multi-use

      Converting rooms into spaces has multiple advantages. With rooms so huge, you can make the most of it by converting some of the rooms such as a playroom into a study room, a portion of living space can include a large dining table that can sit extended families with ease.

    • Accessibility

      The layout of the apartments and spaces is the key to unlock and build accessibility into your future house designs. Regardless of mobility, each and every resident in the township should be able to access the spaces indoors and outdoors. Thus, each and every resident in the times to come should be able to enjoy the amenities provided.

    • Designing

      With rooms so vast, you can think of designing and changing the aesthetics of your home time and again. You can include a new garden within the balcony, include vines, green roof and leafy trees.

    • FTTH

      New-age homes demand new-age technologies such as Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH), a technology that uses optical fiber to deliver communication signals. With wider bandwidth, faster data speed and better connectivity, it’s a perfect solution for today’s high-end digital homes.

    • Fire compliant

      All the projects are fire compliant which means there are adequate fire fighting installations on each floor and homes, designated entry and exit points in case of fire as per the Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measure Act, 2006.Apart from the above, the projects also include features such as 24*7 security, sensors and security cameras, sewage water treatment systems and much more. Overall, each and every township by Hiranandani Communities are energy-efficient and ensure environmentally sustainable buildings.

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