How to choose a suitable location while buying a house?

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    10Jan 2018

    Whether you are making a property investment, buying your first home or planning a lifestyle upgrade, choosing the right location is one of the important decisions you’ll make. The location of your home doesn’t just help determine the future value of your property, but also helps in several other aspects of day-to-day life.

    Here are some tips you must consider while choosing a suitable location for buying a house:

    • Strategic location

    The location you choose to live in has a major impact on your lifestyle. Thus, decide carefully, and consider important factors like the price of the home, transport facility, proximity to work place, schools and hospitals. In case you’re planning to buy a home in Mumbai, you would need to look for upcoming residential projects in Mumbai that offer high property appreciation in the future.

    • Neighbourhood

    A particular area may consist of varied neighborhoods with distinct characteristics. You must choose one that suits your lifestyle – a place where you feel comfortable. Sometimes, the choice of the home also depends on the reputation of the builders and developers of that project.

    • Transport and infrastructure

    Transport is very important whether you stay on the outskirts of the city, or within the city. The more transport options available in an area, the more valuable it becomes. Easy access to roads, railways, and highways is a major advantage of buying home in the specific area. Look for the infrastructural developments happening around, as it will add value to your property.

    • Lifestyle attractions

    Most people prefer choosing areas that offer lifestyle attractions compared to areas that offer fewer amenities. Supermarket, family parks, beaches, and employment hubs are some preferences that people consider while buying a property.  

    Hiranandani’s new commercial and residential project, Hiranandani Parks is located in the famous industrial hub of Oragadam; it encourages a walk-to-home culture. While the other project, Hiranandani Sands, has superior proximity to beaches in Alibaug and promotes luxury living.

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