How to choose the right builder while buying a property?

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    12Jan 2018

    Real estate offers a lasting investment opportunity. The right builder can help you get your dream property or home without any hassles. Currently, banks and financial institutions have come up with creative offers that best suit property buyers.

    Choosing the right builder is crucial for investing your lifelong earnings in a home that will last for a lifetime. Nobody wants to buy a home that has a low appreciation value or is inaccessible. There are a number of builders in the city who often confuse buyers about the provenance or amenities of a property. Before investing or choosing a builder, you need to know more about your builder. Here are some tips for choosing the right builder.



    Get the list of builders from websites or a local newspaper. Do research on projects they have completed, which includes ongoing projects and future projects.



    While checking the reputation of a builder, check for certifications like ISO, as well as membership in certified professional portals like builders’ associations.


    Liability insurance and workers’ compensation:

    If your builder does not have liability insurance, you must pay compensation for accidents or injuries occurred during construction of your house.


    Talk to existing customers:

    Check whether customers who bought a home or property from the builder are satisfied with the building condition. One or more complaints do not mean that the company has a bad reputation, especially when company is in the field for a long period.


    Talk to your builder:          

    Remember, communication is a golden key to settle a successful deal between you and your builder. 


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