Impact of infrastructure growth on education sector in panvel

  • Education Sector in Panvel
    9Feb 2019

    Panvel is fast becoming the location of choice in the real estate market.  With great connectivity, upcoming commercial projects and open and green spaces, everything is adding up to make Panvel the center of every home buyer’s attention.

    The upcoming International Airport in Panvel is expected to bring more than 2 lacs jobs, several road network projects, quicker ROI and growth prospects among other things. On the other hand, Infrastructure projects in Panvel have created opportunities for organizations to move their base to a much peaceful location.

    Panvel already has several esteemed schools and colleges like D.A.V. Public School, MPASC (Mahatma Phule Arts, Science & Commerce) College and The Buddhist International School New Panvel. Let’s look at how such infrastructure projects could impact the growth of the educational sector in Panvel-


    Since there are several township projects coming in Panvel like Hiranandani constructions, Godrej properties and others, many people will move from different cities and regions. This will create a larger demand for educational institutions and job requirements for people living there. To provide families with an option to choose from the best institution, Hiranandani builders have come up with Hiranandani Trust School, to provide quality education to the future leaders of our country.


    The more and more job opportunities coming in due to the latest infrastructure projects, educational institutions such as Coaching Centers and Training Institutes for Engineering, Medical, Aviation, Arts etc. would come up to cater to the rising demand in the educational sector.


    Several corporates are lining up to set their base in Panvel due to all the infrastructural developments. Once corporates enter the locality, they will have their own spaces for conducting seminars, workshops, off-site in Panvel. Students from the locality will have a direct impact on their educational system with the presence of esteemed corporates in Panvel.


    Panvel will be to Mumbai what New Jersey is to New York. People living in both the areas will be influencing each other on a continuous basis. Mumbai’s educational system will directly impact Panvel’s in coming future. Hence, elevating it to new heights.

    The growth of infrastructural projects is not going to impact the education sector in Panvel in the short term. These are the long-term positive side effects of advanced future planning. One must be patient to observe these changes in the coming future. Hence, investing in a property in Panvel such as Hiranandani housing projects is equals to investing in the overall growth of the educational sector in Panvel.

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