Important things to consider before purchasing a plot in Khandala

  • Plots in Khandala
    11Sep 2018

    About to make your dream investment of getting the vacation villa you've always wanted in Khandala? Here’s something to think about: While the rolling hills of Khandala are calling you out to make your dream villa, ensure that you pick the right plot for your villa in Khandala. In order to help you make the right choice, we've compiled a list of elements you need to ensure before purchasing plots in Khandala.

    1. Location: The prime factor of your plot is going to be its location. Simply settling for a piece of land at a low price at Khandala will not make it an ideal vacation home. Consider its proximity and connectivity to the mainland.

    2. Size and quality of the land: Before making a purchase check that the size of your plot is appropriate for the construction of a sizeable villa. Check the built-up area of what the plot offers and how much you'd like your dream villa to have.

    3. Check the Title Deed: Ensure that the title deed of the property you intend to buy is in the name of the seller and get it examined by your lawyer.

    4. Check the paperwork for the property: Check all the paperwork for the property, if it has all the necessary approvals from the local civic body. Until all paperwork is verified and in order, do not purchase the property.

    5. Basic amenities: Your villa will only be livable if it has basic amenities like water and electricity. Your second home will need these amenities to make it a home. Ensure that these amenities are easily available in the area of your plot.

    If you're looking to buy plots in Khandala, check out the projects at Mount Alterra, marketed by Hiranandani Communities in Khandala. With the assurance of the brand, you can be sure that your villa in Khandala will be more luxurious than ever.

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