Investing strategies to look for in real estate

  • Real Estate Market
    16Mar 2019

    "Do not wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait" - T. Harv Eker

    Real Estate Market is one of the most enticing market out there. Many have made fortunes just by investing in Real estate in the right project, at the right time. And everyone else wants to do so. Well, it's not as easy as it sounds. But if you have an interest in it and really want to know how to market, then you need to be aware of the investment strategies.

    Few of the best investing strategies that have helped make it easier for you


    House Hacking is an investment strategy where the extra room, orally, is in a good position. It is done to reduce the overall cost of ownership by the house.


    This is the most popular investment strategy.

    Here, the owner buys the property and makes it for at least 2 years before finally selling it. Renting it brings in more regular income. It works best for multi-unit apartments or turn-around projects.


    This strategy is as smooth as investing strategies get. You find them on the market, you buy and sell them. You got to be outstanding in Marketing and Negotiating to manage those good investment opportunities.

    If you think you can get your money done before, then go for it and you will have fun while making a career in real estate investing.


    The Rental Debt Snowball Plan is the strategy that helps you in building wealth. It involves gathering all of your cash flow from all your properties and other sources, and then using that cash flow to make a new property.

    The best advantage of this strategy is that you need to pay your debts. You can choose to plan and get away from it all while doing it for some time and keep the ball rolling.


    BRRRR stands for Buy-Remodel-Rent-Refinance-Repeat. This strategy is an excellent way to build a portfolio while saving lots of money, early in your career.

    Investors look for fixing-up properties and buying them using short-term cash or financing for their full value. Get them fixed and then refinance them with a long-term mortgage.

    It is advisable to start with this strategy, and you will be able to do so, you can easily transition to lower risk and lower risk.

    Other investment strategies you can look for:

    1. Fix - and - Flip

    2. Live-In-Then-Rent

    3. Live-In-Flip

    4. Long Term Buy and Hold Rentals

    5. The All-Cash Rental Plan

    6. The Trade-Up Plan, and others.

    You can choose from the following strategies to kick start your career and eventually succeed in it. For your property needs do check out township projects in Mumbai & Mumbai by Hiranandani Communities .

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