Location still the top consideration for real estate investment

  • Real Estate Investment
    21Apr 2019

    Location has always been considered the most important factor while making a property investment decision. Whether you will be living in the new house after the purchase or you will be utilizing it for other purposes (renting, leasing, Air B&B or business purpose etc.), proximity of location has the most weightage. You don’t only have to think about yourself but for the entire family’s convenience basis their daily travel needs while making the investment. Here are few important factors which makes “the location”, most important factor while buying a house.


    In Mumbai, you need to consider the distance between your home and nearest railway station, airport, bus stop, availability of cabs among other things while deciding to buy a house. Because after a long day at work (college/school/business), you don’t want to travel 2-hours back to reach your home. You want to keep the ‘traveler’ in you alive and maintain your sanity by not worrying about reaching back home. 


    Emergency or not, one should always buy a house near a good hospital. You never know when the need arises to see a doctor and not every Doctor in your vicinity take calls 24X7. Having a health support nearby assures your sense of security that one may require. 


    Your neighborhood will define who you are, in coming years. So, you want to be around people you can interact and grow together with. Peace at and around your home is necessary for a wholesome living experience in a community. So, before investing in a property make sure of talking to a few to be neighbors, maybe. 


    Value of any property is always dependent its location. Basis the location, price rates of the property will go either up or down. You must have a look at property rents in the area where you want to invest, as it will be helpful in understanding the worth of the property and will help in making the final decision. Suburbs properties are usually cheaper than the one’s in main city. But its always good to keep your options open. 

    1. SAFETY

    You should be investing in a property which has all the basic amenities in place for you, your family and neighborhood. A community with state-of-the-art security is the most basic demand these days and should be fulfilled by the builder. One should not be fearful of coming home late at night or leaving early in the wee hours. Security at home will define security in mind. 

    Location will always be amongst the most important factors if not the most, while deciding the location of property investment. Do check out properties by Hiranandani Communities in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai for an elite life experience, along with the safety, greenery and peace of mind in life.

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