Simplifying the Home-Buying Process for Newly-Weds

  • 17Jun 2018

    For the newlyweds buying an apartment can be stressful. That stress can be reduced if the new couple understands a few things about the process. We have put a few tips and a guide that will help the newlyweds in buying their dream home. 

    Research: After the home buyer, has decided on his or her preferences on a home, the next step that needs to follow is to conduct an in-depth research on which homes fit their needs. There are many real estate listing sites that gather information on properties for viewing online. 

    The buyer should also check the construction and maintenance history of the house. The homeowners should also seek out information on traffic conditions and whether the property is under a homeowner’s association. Besides, the buyer should also speak to neighbors and gather information and decide on which property to purchase.

    Budget is very important:
    Every real estate agent will ask your budget and there is no point to look at houses which do not fit your price range but look at houses that you can afford and are comfortable paying. So, it is very important to have a price range that will help you in making a sound financial decision. 

    Selecting a real estate agent: Choose a real estate agent who has a good amount of experience and works with clients in your price range. Consider asking agents to give their details about their sales experience. 

    Get a home inspection done by a professional: After you have found a home that you are interested in buying, get it inspected. The home inspection will provide you with an understanding of what’s going on with the property. Your home is going to be a base from which you will start your new lives as a married couple.

    Get a pre-approval notice from a mortgage company: Before you visit a home or put in an offer, you need to have a pre-approval notice from a mortgage company. 

    Work together to create a wish list: The couples should work together to create a priority list of must-have features of your new home. They need to keep those most needed items in mind when house hunting.

    Consider other financial objectives: If you and your family have other plans such as starting a family or pay off existing debts then you will need a budget for those goals as part of your monthly outflows. The more luxurious and expensive house you buy, the more difficult it will be to meet those financial goals. Hence, make sure to buy a house that is within your means.

    If you are newly married and looking to make your purchase as a newlywed couple, then these tips will help you in making the right decisions of buying a prefect dream house.  If you are looking to buy properties in Panvel, Hiranandani Fortune City is the best community township in Panvel that is spread across 350 acres of land. This township offers studio apartments, 1,1.5, 2 and 3 BHK flats in Panvel .

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