The price trends in Panvel and New Panvel

  • Panvel Real Estate
    14Aug 2017
    The rates for property in Panvel and New Panvel keeps changing depending on the market movements. An investor needs to keep a tap on these movements if he wants to maximise the profit on the real estate investments. Over the last few years, there has been a rise in property prices, but still this location makes it look affordable.

    Panvel has come a long way and has transformed into the most sought-after realty destinations for affordable homes, sky rises & business parks. Because of its proximity to major locations, smooth connectivity by roads and railway, investing in new projects in Panvel is the perfect option to choose in Navi Mumbai.

    Another reason why there has been a liking to invest in Panvel and New Panvel areas is because of a lot of people prefer it as a holiday location. Most the homes are bought for a weekend get away from all the hustles in the city. Buying a home in Panvel is like a home away from a home.

    New and upcoming infrastructure projects in New Panvel are also the contributing factor in the changing price trends.As a result the property prices have seen a very good surge in past 3 to 5 years. The prices have increased from 2000 per sq ft to current 6200 even upto 7000 per sq ft in some of the areas. With the phenomenal activities planned in Panvel in terms of infrastructure and overall development, it would not be a surprise that these will double in the next 5 years.

    Panvel is the destination which is growing at a tremendous speed thanks to new constructions and major infrastructural projects, Panvel & New Panvel areas are seen as an attractive investment destination for people residing in Mumbai and Pune area.

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