Todays trendiest homes

  • 30Jul 2018

    Give your apartment a trendy makeover. Here are some ways to make your home not only elegant but in line with today’s trends too.

    1. Look for furniture that matches your personality: It could be baroque Victorian side-tables, or contemporary chandeliers – but it should be a reflection of you. We suggest you to keep an eye out for quaint pieces of furniture on your travels, or even something that reminds you of a memorable vacation – like a Persian rug or even a silver ornamental teapot.
    2. Choose larger rugs instead of small ones: If you wish to make your room look spacious, choose to buy a larger rug in bold patterns. Make use of rugs with large- scale patterns as it will create a visual impact and if you have a small space, it will give a bigger feel to the rooms in your apartment.
    3.  Create personalized niches: You can use a large windowsill space to create a personal book nook – just place a few comfy cushions or a mini divan and add a book cabinet within reach. Use part of your balcony as a meditation space by adding a few lush pile carpets or an exotic rug with place for incense or candles.
    4. Choose lighter shades for your interior: The darker colors have a tendency to make spaces appear smaller to the eye. When choosing colors for your apartment, select lighter shades. This not only makes a room look spacious but also brighter and will give you a sense of energy. For example, a bright pastel orange is associated with dynamism, whereas a pastel green is more relaxing.
    5. Incorporate floating elements in your design: You may incorporate floating elements into your design. Try making use of floating shelves instead of a bookcase. Try to make use of furniture pieces with leg-space instead of those that sit directly on the floor.
    6. Adding plants to make your space feel fresh: Add hanging plants into your apartment to save floor space. Greenery makes even the smallest space feel fresher and lighter. For hanging plants, choose a leafy trailing one like a philodendron. They are of low-maintenance as long as they get enough sunlight.
    7. Lighting techniques for a small face: The lighting has a great impact on the interior design. You may place desk lamps on the coffee tables or bedside tables. Choose wall sconces to brighten the places for reading. For small spaces, you may also choose track lighting. Another way of decorating a small room is hanging mirrors on white and
      bright walls.
    8. Decorate with mirrors: Place mirrors in narrowest of the spaces like tiny bathrooms or narrow hallways. They give an illusion of spaciousness and make them appear a lot wider than it really is. When decorating with mirrors place them across from the windows. One benefit is it reflects the outdoors, second, it also reflects the natural light that the window is letting in. You space will look brighter and it will create a positive effect on your mood.

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