What’s making panvel everyone’s favourite commercial property?

  • Panvel Commercial Property
    7Dec 2018

    Mumbai today is all about narrow lanes, small cramped houses and long hours of travel in painful traffic. Investing in a property today is getting more and more difficult. Young investors are looking for places that they can make into a ‘home’ and place they can build memories and feel like a part of community and a place that offers them value for their investment

    Panvel, is fast becoming the location of choice in the real estate market.  With great connectivity, upcoming commercial projects and open and greener spaces, everything's adding up to make  every home  center of attention. Read on to know the reasons why they make every????


    There’shome center nothing better than not having to face the daily traffic. Panvel’s well-planned sectors help curb the rush and traffic during peak hours. Panvel has also experienced an impressive physical and social infrastructure development over the last two decades but the recent spurt of development is proving it to be the best place to invest in. 


    Ever since the upcoming International Airport became a topic of discussion, Panvel quickly turned into an investment hotspot. Because of the proximity of the new airport with Panvel, the people in this part of Mumbai wouldn’t have to worry about leaving home hours before to catch a flight. Navi Mumbaikars will have an upper hand over other residents due to this airport. This earns Panvel a score over others in the real estate market. 


    Panvel has an atmosphere that can’t be compared to any other. Since, Mumbai is increasingly becoming a city where residents are struggling to breathe, Panvel on the contrary offers pure and fresh air due to the greener surroundings. 


    With its amazing rail-road connectivity, Panvel also offers efficient connectivity of both central and western lines. It also serves as the gateway to the Konkan region, making way for an easy commute to other states. In addition, it is also connected to Mumbai-Pune expressway and the Sion-Panvel Expressway..


    Besides buying gold, investing in land or property is one of the wisest investments. Having said that, it is also important to invest in the right locality and at the right time. Hence, investing in a new home at Panvel where the highest investment returns are expected in the future is a good call. When you consider buying a house, look at the number of futuristic infrastructural and economic developments that take place in that locality as the ROI factor influences your purchasing decision significantly. 

    If you are looking to buy a commercial property in Panvel, Hiranandani Communities-one of the renowned builders & developers in Mumbai offer an overall quality living experience in Panvel with their 3&4 BHK spacious flats.

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