Your guide to finding a reliable home developer

  • Builders & Developers in Mumbai
    17Feb 2019

    Buying a home is one of the most important decisions in our lives. It is the largest investment one makes and hence it is important to choose a reliable, trustworthy builder who can deliver a quality home that meets your budget and expectations.

    Once you’ve locked upon a home to buy, it is the builder’s reputation and credentials that will matter and ultimately be a reason to buy or not to buy that property.

    So, let us see some of the factors that help in checking the reliability of the builder.

    1. RERA number - A RERA number means that as a consumer you can expect greater transparency when the builder markets the project and in its overall execution. So, when a builder is registered under RERA, it lends authenticity to the builder’s name and also to the project. Once registered under RERA, the builder cannot get this way when it comes to any manipulation tactics of delaying the possession of your home or any other trade malpractices.

    2. Quality – There are many housing projects in Mumbai. Some use premium and high-quality products whereas some cut corners by using ordinary materials. Therefore, the name and the reputation of the home developer matters a lot. More renowned the name of the builder, higher the credibility of the builder.

    3. Amenities – Established builders and developers in Mumbai understand the true meaning of luxury and ensure that all the modern amenities are in place. Most developers offer extended parking space, clubhouse, CCTV cameras, and other basic amenities. Moreover, if the project is huge, you can expect more amenities.

    4. Project completion – Reputed builders always ensure that the project is completed on time and the OC is duly given. A slight delay and it plays with the reputation of the builder. Builders and developers who are heavily indebted and unable to raise funds often fall short on their commitments to timely completion of the project and other project related commitments. On the other hand, reputed builders are highly funded and even have tie-ups with top banks and financial institutions for easy availability of loans.

    The above points help you in finding a reliable home developer. But along with the above points, you also need to cross-check the claims made by them. You can check out their other properties either under construction or developed, have a word with other residents and get an idea about the developer. 

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