3 ways Hiranandani Fortune City helps residents maintain a healthy lifestyle

  • 3 ways Hiranandani Fortune City helps residents maintain a healthy lifestyle
    5Mar 2022

    When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, it’s the small decisions, changes, and access to amenities that have a great impact on an individual's health journey. A healthy lifestyle is not just one thing. In fact, maintaining a healthy lifestyle goes beyond just physical health and appearance. It extends into areas like a person’s emotional, mental, social, and spiritual wellbeing. To help bring out the healthiest and happiest version of the residents, Hiranandani Fortune City Panvel has the perfect mix of amenities and features that address the requirements of the whole person, mind, body, spirit, and all.

    Here are some trending amenities that help the residents to kickstart a successful health and wellness routine rooted in a holistic approach:

    1) Yoga and meditation den to practice mindfulness: A great way to kickstart a day is by starting with a focus on mindfulness. It can contribute to easier and more relaxed moments that translate into better days mentally and physically. The design of the center boosts the sense of calm and helps the residents to step into a reflective and healing frame of mind. The spacious center helps the residents practice Yoga and meditate in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, each and every session. The landscaped gardens also act as a perfect outlet to connect with the greens and meditate by listening to the sounds of nature and enjoying the fresh air.

    2) Choose your joy: One of the important ways to lead a healthy life is not to lose sight of the joys in your life, even when you’re having a busy day. Mental health experts suggest creating a list of three to five things that bring you joy. The joy list can be going for a quick walk, playing games with family, watching a show, or simply hanging out. From grand landscaped gardens & to a trendy spa and sauna to cutting-edge indoor & outdoor play options and proposed avenues for archery and golf, the long list of amenities and features at Hiranandani Fortune City will help the residents to keep the goodness and positive vibes going. Some of Mumbai's top tourist attractions like Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Karnala Fort, Prabalgad Fort are located not far from the township.

    3) Get moving: Staying active has lots of benefits. It not only has a positive effect on the body but weighs in on overall wellness. Sweat comes with many benefits, which include helping to improve focus, mood, productivity, and confidence. The state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor fitness options are loaded with plenty of modern equipment to keep the residents healthy. Further, the playgrounds, the proposed automated cricket bowling machine arena, and the proposed half-sized Olympic-grade swimming pool add more options for the residents to stay active. What's more, all the options will be available within a short walking distance from the home which helps the residents to schedule their exercise routine to suit their time.

    When one owns a home at Hiranandani Fortune City Panvel, the trendy amenities enable the residents to explore quick and easy fitness habits that help them to make a big, lasting impact on their overall health. Visit www.hiranandanicommunities.com to know more.

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