4 home décor trends that will make an impact this season

  • 4 home décor trends that will make an impact this season
    16May 2021

    There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.

    This simple and fascinating quote has always been true, but especially so in the last few months. What used to be a place to return to after a long day now serves multiple purposes to people all day, every day. For many, the home now acts as an office, school, restaurant, gym, playroom, and more.

    But in these past few months, residents have reoriented their way of living around the four walls of our homes. And while doing so, many people have naturally channeled their energies into livening up their surroundings, leading to an increasing interest in redesigning their homes.

    For those living in an airy and spacious Hiranandani apartment, making up space to accommodate all the needs of the season is a breeze. Unlike other regular apartments, Hiranandani offers spacious and airy homes that give residents the additional space to accommodate the necessary changes to pep up the interiors.

    Here are some interior design trends likely to rule in this season

    Workspace at home

    Following the lockdown last year, work from home and homeschooling has become the new norm. This has led to a rise in demand for flexible spaces which can function as comfortable and productive home offices and study areas. At Hiranandani apartments, the options are unlimited. The spacious interiors and the unique design of the apartment allow creating a well-organized working space with ergonomically designed office chairs, shelves, proper lighting, attractive backgrounds for video meetings, and more.

    Bring in nature

    One of the biggest impacts of the situation was the reduced accessibility to green spaces to the residents. As most gardens and parks were closed or have limited access, the need to bring the greens into the home has increased. The balcony at Hiranandani apartments offers the best space to nurture a home garden. It not only adds a dose of freshness but also enlivens the space. The addition of indoor plants in corners or tabletops will also increase.

    Metals are back

    Materials like copper, brass, and bronze, which have natural antimicrobial properties, are seeing a boost in popularity. These materials are commonly used in doorknobs or kitchen cabinet handles and are said to kill germs and bacteria on their own without the need to constantly use chemical sprays and wipes.

    At Hiranandani apartments, the best range of materials is used for all sanitary fittings and fixtures. They not only add style to your home but also helps to keep your home safe.

    Add a pop of color

    Calm colors that create a tranquil space at home are back in vogue. Softer fabrics, lighter colors, and more natural light have also become popular. At the other end of the spectrum, bold designs like dark accent walls and patterned wallpaper are also having a moment. Bright colors are energizing and inspire creativity, which help people who are stuck in the same routine.

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