5 reasons to invest in a residential property at Panvel

  • 5 reasons to invest in a residential property at Panvel
    26Mar 2022

    Passive income, monthly rents, and tax breaks are some of the benefits that come with investing in a residential property. And one of the most important goals is to invest in properties that increase in value over time. One location that is gaining high traction is Panvel. Situated some 40 km from Mumbai, the well-planned city with robust infrastructure, attracts a lot of attention due to its proximity to major upcoming infrastructure projects. Connectivity also plays an important part as it lies in the intersection of various highways including the Sion-Panvel Expressway, Mumbai-Pune Highway, National Highways 66, 4, and 4B.

    One landmark that is popular with investors is Hiranandani Fortune City. Created on the philosophy of Live, Work, and Play, the township houses a wide range of residential options to suit the needs and budgets of the homebuyers. The amenities, landscaped podiums, and other features further increase the comfort level of the residents.

    Here are some of the most important reasons to invest in a residential option at Hiranandani Fortune City

    A steady flow of cash: Owning residential real estate is a great way to boost one's monthly income. Homeowners can receive a monthly income by renting out the space to the tenants. Since Hiranandani Fortune City is located in a top commercial destination, a large section of professionals from other parts of the country move here and there is a continuous demand for homes in this locality. What's more the rental value of the property increases over time.

    High returns: With many infrastructure projects in Panvel in the pipeline like the new airport, the value of the property will increase in value over time, and homeowners can at a later date sell it for a solid profit.

    Long-term security & tax advantages: Real estate is a long-term investment and you can hold it for several years as you wait for it to appreciate. It also comes with tax benefits. Homeowners can deduct several expenses associated with owning an investment property, including property taxes, insurance, the costs of ongoing maintenance, etc.

    Protects against inflation: When the prices of essential items, goods, and services rise, home values and rents also typically increase. This will help to protect you financially when the costs of everything else are going up.

    Fulfillment: Apart from the financial benefits, owning property makes you a boss, which is fulfilling to many homeowners.

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