Amenities in Hiranandani Fortune City can help the seniors to stay active and smiling!

  • Amenities in Hiranandani Fortune City can help the seniors to stay active and smiling!
    2Apr 2022

    Age is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.

    True to the words of popular American writer Betty Friedan, changes that are normally associated with aging including cognitive decline don’t have to be a normal rite of passage. Regular exercise can combat cognitive decline generally associated with aging.

    87% of people aged 65 and older experience cognitive changes associated with normal aging, says a study. The report further states that regular physical activity improves cognitive function among the elders. While many senior Mumbaikars find it difficult to find space to exercise in a safe environment, senior residents of Hiranandani Fortune City have plenty of features that help them to exercise in a safe environment to alleviate stress and depression.

    Here are three ways the amenities at Hiranandani Fortune City can help the senior residents to stay physically active and reap the mental benefits.

    Enjoy a walk: Daily walks are incredibly beneficial and easy to incorporate into the routine of the older residents. The exclusive senior citizen's corner at Hiranandani Fortune City helps the residents to enjoy a walk in a safe environment. The absence of traffic in the senior citizen's corner helps the residents to enjoy walking listening to music or simply taking pleasure in the ambient sounds of nature. Another advantage is that walking doesn’t have to be a solitary activity, since many senior residents stay there, it also offers an opportunity to make new friends, join a group and stay healthy.

    Another amenity that helps the residents to enjoy walking is the walking track and reflexology path. Designed to massage and stimulate acupressure points of the feet, it stimulates the neurological reflex zones on the foot to create health and well-being for the residents.

    Join a fitness class: Group exercise is another great way to stay active. The modern gym with the latest fitness equipment and outdoor exercise station at Hiranandani Fortune City helps the senior residents take part in fitness classes that fit their schedules. The yoga center and the meditation zone offer the senior residents to learn yoga and add it to their weekly schedule. For those who enjoy sports, the wide range of outdoor and indoor sporting arenas offers them to sweat out and lead a healthy lifestyle. Another important aspect of the amenities in the township is that since they are located very close to the residents' homes, they can follow a weekly routine at their favorite time.

    Keep stretching: As they age, most elders tend to lose some muscle strength and the joints also weaken. The landscaped podiums at Hiranandani Fortune City helps the senior residents in a gentle way to incorporate movement into their life. Touching and feeling the flowers in the garden helps the senior residents to stretch and improve their range of motion and flexibility. Low-intensity stretching - such as lunges, squats, and shoulder circles - can also improve the mood and energy of the senior residents. The lawn, central plaza, and the library lounge also offer the senior residents a chance to incorporate stretches into their routine.

    No matter what type of physical activity you decide to do, invest in your mind and body and get moving today at Hiranandani Fortune City.

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