Balconies at Hiranandani apartments: The perfect place to create a safe and calm oasis at home

  • Balconies at Hiranandani apartments: The perfect place to create a safe and calm oasis at home
    5Sep 2021

    Over the last few months, the pandemic has created a deep impact on the architectural and remodelling trends in the design of homes. Many people are now looking for ways to update their homes to provide a sense of comfort and connection to the outdoors. The goal of the balconies at Hiranandani apartments is to create a safe, calm oasis at home that focuses on a human's innate attraction to nature.

    Designed to open up the living space to the outside world, the meticulously planned balconies at Hiranandani apartments offer an enchanting view of the serene neighbourhood. What's more, the design of the balcony railings integrates with the contemporary interior of the home to display a sense of style and sophistication.

    Here are some design options that the balcony can add to the living spaces to make the residents feel closer to their natural surroundings.

    1) Add some water elements: Listening to the noises of ocean waves or a river stream help reduce stress and create a sense of calm, says a research report. And homeowners are bringing this feeling home by incorporating water elements into their balcony designs. Be it a mini waterfall type fountain or small pond structure, apart from the stress-reducing effect, it adds to the outdoor aesthetic and beautifies the space.

    2) Functional landscaping: Another popular trend with the homeowners is thoughtful landscape designs that keep in mind the resident's needs and also needs of the environment. Using shade elements, the balcony can be converted into a comfortable, private, and sound control space to be used for gathering or for work and study. Sustainable balcony gardens help the residents to enjoy nature and also produce herbs, vegetables, and fruits at home.

    3) Private and personalized spaces: With a bit of creativity and a strategic approach, people are converting the balcony into mini escapes alongside mother nature. This includes creating a meditative garden a yoga space on the balcony, for daily practice. Stones are often used to define these spaces while plants, shrubs, and vines are used to add privacy. New-age homeowners are giving a contemporary look by incorporating their personal tastes into these spaces. Sculpture, glass art, or other decors are some of the popular choices.

    4) Convert the space into a small gym: Small balcony gyms have come alive since the coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic has limited access to gyms for most residents forcing them to add some pieces of equipment to their balcony and convert it into their favourite spot. Apart from helping the residents to lead a healthy lifestyle, the serene atmosphere enables them to connect with nature also.

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