Benefits of owning a studio apartment at Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel

  • Benefits of owning a studio apartment at Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel
    8Aug 2021

    Good things come in small packages. - Aesop

    True to the words of the Greek storyteller, less really is more, just like owning a studio apartment at Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel, also popular for 1, 2 & 3 BHK flats.

    The studio apartments at Hiranandani Fortune City have been designed for those who prefer a minimalist lifestyle, the millennials, who are keen on living life comfortably and discarding things that take up space and time.

    From easy maintenance to energy efficiency, Hiranandani Studios offer a compact yet trendy option for a living space with plenty of advantages.

    Hassle-free homes: Coming from a category A+ developer, the studio apartments rank very high on all the quality parameters. Be it the construction materials, branded electrical & sanitary fixtures or the high-performance lifts, everything meets the international-quality standards. The built to last maintenance free homes offer the homebuyer, peace of mind and no wastage of time due to repairs.

    Top location: Retail outlets, commercial establishments, health care center, and school are located at a walkable distance from Hiranandani Studios. Concierge facilities are also available to help pay bills and run errands. It enables the residents to save time on travelling and spending more quality time to pursue their interests.

    Surrounded by greenery: From landscaped podium gardens to tree-lined avenues and paved jogging tracks. Hiranandani Studios are surrounded by plenty of greenery. It also has dedicated children’s play areas, senior citizens zone and open spaces for other activities.

    Top class civic infrastructure and security features: The township has a well-developed civic infrastructure with well-maintained tree-lined roads, water, electricity & telecom facilities. The water recycling facility helps to recycle and reuse waste for watering the gardens and other uses.

    The electrical substation within the township offers uninterrupted power supply to the residents. Provisions for fibre-to-home connectivity, for high-speed internet connectivity, are available for all the homes.

    From controlled access at cluster levels to CCTVs and round the clock security staff, the 3 – tier security at the township offers a secure environment for the residents. What’s more the roads within the township have speed limits to make the environment safer for kids and senior citizens.

    Harmonious community lifestyle: The range of amenities and features both at the building and township level helps residents to experience a greater sense of community living & belonging. It also provides for enhanced cultural vibrancy and social gatherings.

    Easy-breezy design options: The studio apartments at Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel, has a carpet area of 304 sq. ft. This compact space makes it easier to decorate with. Instead of buying lots of movable articles and furnishings to fill a big space, you can spend money on a few quality pieces of furniture that will make the apartment sparkle.

    Effortless cleaning: One of the benefits of living in a small home is that it doesn’t take too much time to deep-clean the entire space. Yet another advantage is that the residents are unlikely to accumulate junk or unwanted things. Since the spaces are limited, the residents tend to buy and keep things that are essential.

    Made for the multi-taskers: When living in a studio apartment at Panvel, it is so much easier to do more than one thing at a time. You can work online while catching up on your favourite TV program or cook dinner and talk to your friends and family while they are sitting comfortably in the living area.

    A wise investment option: Most Indians consider real estate a safe investment option, so buying a studio apartment or any new project in Panvel makes a safer investment option than putting money in equity or mutual funds. It also guarantees a rental income, if you move to another home. Moreover, studio apartments are easy to sell as the demand for smaller apartments are higher.

    Encourages outdoor life: Since the studio apartments are small in size, it is difficult to organize family occasions in your home. But there is a positive side when you own a studio at Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel. The fine range of amenities that include a contemporary party hall helps the residents to celebrate their special occasions in fun and style. What's more, the other features like a kids play area, senior citizen's corner, outdoor exercise station and more help the residents to come out and enjoy outdoor life.

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