City life vs integrated townships? Which offers the best living options? Find out

  • City Life Vs Integrated Townships? Which Offers The Best Living Options? Find Out
    25Mar 2021

    Buying a spacious, airy apartment, set amid green acres, with excellent infrastructure, schools nearby, a hospital a few streets away, and a shopping complex within a short distance is every homebuyer's dream. But, most of us end up with a matchbox-sized two-bedroom apartment overlooking a crowded street, in a faceless concrete monstrosity. As our cities become crowded and quality living space becomes a premium, most developers build residential projects on whatever small land parcels are available, neighbourhoods are created in an unplanned and uninspiring manner. The residents wind up living in small, isolated pockets, which are often quite far from day-to-day conveniences and essentials such as shopping centers, schools, and hospitals.

    This is where integrated townships come in. The new-age residential format delivers the warmth and security of luxury living in a vibrant community. We look at some benefits of living in integrated townships that are not available in cities.

    Space constraints: Given the paucity of land, most of the apartments in cities are generally cramped due to lack of space. It is unusual to have extra space outside your house or apartments like a lawn or a yard. This is not the case in integrated townships due to the abundance of greenery and open space. All integrated townships from the Hiranandani Group come with spacious and large spaces. The 360-acre Hiranandani Parks, Orgadam, Chennai, boasts more than 80 per cent open green spaces. Apart from providing a healthy and clean environment, it helps the residents to exercise and enjoy nature.

    Traffic: It is one of the biggest nightmares of city life. Residents always have to leave early from home to beat the traffic. Whereas, integrated townships present the opportunity to walk-to-work that enhances improved work and life balance.

    Health: The lack of green spaces in cities and the overall urban lifestyle leaves the residents with little or no time to exercise. However, the presence of large open areas with tree-lined walkways offers the residents in integrated townships ample opportunities to enjoy the benefits of nature and help lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Pollution: Smog, polluted drinking water, and high decibels of noise are some of the reasons for air, water, and noise pollution in the city. Also, the increased number of motorized transport and waste from the large population are other sources of pollution. The green and clean environment available at integrated townships developed by the Hiranandani Group helps the residents live in a healthy and pollution-free environment.

    Infrastructure facilities: The sewerage system is a problem in the city due to the high level of population and maintenance issues. Most of them are not well maintained leading to blockages and other issues. The state of the art sewage water treatment facilities available at all Hiranandani Projects help treat the sewage water and also use the recycled water for gardening and other purposes. Similarly, round-the-clock clean drinking water is a big-time issue in cities. It becomes worse during the summer season, but the cutting-edge water treatment plants at Hiranandani projects help the residents to enjoy an uninterrupted supply of water, rain or shine.

    Lack of privacy: The lack of space in cities leads to the closeness of the buildings, flats with a common wall, and cramped apartments that hamper privacy greatly. On the other hand, the spacious and airy apartments at the Hiranandani projects allow residents to enjoy all the comforts of luxury in a private, safe and secured environment.

    The proximity of essential services and amenities: Though there are a large number of quality schools, hospitals, entertainment spots, and other services in cities, they are often located far from most apartments, and reaching them becomes an issue. All the integrated townships created by the Hiranandani Group has a fine range of amenities that include schools, hospital, sporting options, gardens, retail and more at a walkable distance from your home.

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