Connectivity and infrastructure - Key growth factors

  • Connectivity and infrastructure - Key growth factors
    7May 2021

    Real estate is perhaps the most sensitive to developments in external sectors.

    Since infrastructure and connectivity are the factors that primarily drive real estate growth, the market for real estate has been traditionally more active in metros such as Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. But as these metros become more crowded and expensive, and they run out of space, and while infrastructure fails to keep up with rising population and property development, the focus has shifted to the suburbs, as well as Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities where there are cheaper land and labour. With the government pushing for more connectivity to the hinterland, real estate investment and development in the inner areas has become more lucrative.

    How is connectivity a growth factor for real estate? Take Hiranandani Parks at Oragadam, for instance. From a far-flung suburb to a well-connected business corridor which is considered the fastest-growing in the country, Oragadam has had a growth trajectory propelled by the growth of business and infrastructure, and Hiranandani has become the lodestar for premium real estate in the area. The project is “a township that creates value by combining location, infrastructure and amenities; the three most important factors for a successful community development”, thereby “meeting the needs of today's real estate investor.”

    Strategically located between Grand Southern Trunk (GST) Road and National Highway 4, Oragadam is easily accessible and well-connected. It enjoys good connectivity to Koyambedu central bus stand as well as to Central and Egmore railway stations in Chennai. The city's international airport is also just an hour away. The state government’s Rs 300-crore Oragadam Industrial Corridor Road will provide additional connectivity. High-speed, 200-feet highways connect Oragadam to Chennai city and other economic centers. The recently completed Chennai Outer Ring Road connects with ring-roads at NH205 (GST), NH4 (Chennai- Bangalore), NH205 (Chennai-Renigunda) and NH5 (Chennai- Kolkata) and will further enhance connectivity to Oragadam in the years to come.

    Upcoming Infrastructure Developments in Oragadam*:

    • The first rail auto hub in India will soon be completed at Walajabad
    • The upcoming logistics and aerospace park at Sriperumbudur will cover 350 acres
    • A 6 lane road between Walajabad & Vandalur nearing completion
    • 6 lane road between Oragadam & Singaperumal Koil getting completed
    • Rail Over Bridge connecting GST from Oragadam almost ready
    • A dry port at Sriperumbudur at a cost of Rs. 380 crore is being built.

    Builders find it easier to sell when the location is well-connected and provides an integrated built environment. This enables more social and professional networking which lends character to the environment. This will in turn draw more people looking for opportunities and will result in an integration of commercial, retail and residential spaces. Economic and social benefits multiply when better infrastructure and transport connectivity are available. Thus, Hiranandani Parks, with its proximity to medical facilities, educational institutions, entertainment hubs, retail outlets, business centers and schools, is well-placed in the real estate market.

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