COVID-19 has led to homeowners prioritizing outdoor living, a new survey

  • COVID-19 has led to homeowners prioritizing outdoor living, a new survey
    14Jul 2021

    Green spaces have always been a welcome addition to a home, but the COVID-19 pandemic elevated people's view on these areas from a nice-to-have to a necessity. Accessing a garden area allowed people to escape the extended indoor quarantine, but still, feel safe at home. This welcome retreat meant people were spending more time outdoors at increasing rates.

    Nestled within landscaped gardens, Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, Chennai offers a luxury lifestyle with an abundance of amenities. Consisting of luxury apartments and ready-to-build premium plots, the mega township has more than 10 theme-based gardens, 2000 trees, 40+ sporting amenities, and more green features. With 70% open green spaces, townships like the 360-acre Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, Chennai, are being sought-after by new-age homebuyers.

    On average there was an increase of three hours a week being spent outside during the pandemic compared to pre-pandemic days, according to survey polling 2,000 homeowners. What's more, over 67% somewhat or strongly agree they are more thankful for outdoor space because of COVID-19.

    While outdoor green spaces were a source of solace in the first year of the pandemic, the trend is poised to continue. Homeowners are now looking for new and creative ways to live life fully and enjoy time outdoors — even beyond the pandemic.

    Maximizing outdoor living spaces in 2021

    Creating meaningful outdoor spaces is a top lawn and garden trend that is here to stay. In fact, 57% of homeowners plan on using their outdoor space just as much, if not more, as the pandemic subsides, the survey found. Outdoor enhancements are often a wise investment, making a home more livable while adding to its value.

    Homeowners are maximizing and customizing their outdoor space to meet their needs in many ways. For some, outdoor living reflects a new lifestyle-driven by an opportunity to safely socialize with extended family and friends. Specifically, outdoor spaces are now being used as an office or classroom, home gym, backdrops for digital social events, or gatherings that allow for ample social distancing, such as outdoor movies. For others, updates could include a garden space that serves as a relaxing oasis.

    From gardens designed to meet the needs of the kids to exclusive gardens for the elders, each garden at Hiranandani Parks, Chennai, is themed to meet the needs of all family members. The herb garden and the Nakshatra garden are some of the popular gardens in the 360-acre township.

    The future of outdoor living

    Given the mental and physical benefits of spending more time outside and the convenience and safety of doing so at home, outdoor enhancements are poised for continued growth. As people begin to feel more comfortable hosting guests at home, these spaces will only be utilized more, with 50% of people planning to use their outdoor space to host a socially distanced get-together with family and friends in the future.

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