Double-wall feature, endless benefits: Pioneering construction change in India

  • Double-wall feature, endless benefits: Pioneering construction change in India
    10May 2021

    Innovations have always been a top priority at all Hiranandani projects. Be it the careful use of the landscape or the use of unique construction ideas to build the structures, the engineers at Hiranandani use the latest techniques to bring out the best to the residents.

    Ranking high on the fine range of unique engineering concepts at Hiranandani is the double-wall technique. Designed to withstand almost everything, the double-wall encapsulates an air pocket between the two walls, so the inner wall never gets wet during the rainy season or heats up during summer. It also gives you an additional carpet area.

    What is a double wall?

    The double-wall construction technique consists of two wall layers, external and internal, set up next to each other to form an extra thick wall cavity that can be filled with insulation. The electrical wiring, gas line, etc run between the exterior and interior walls.

    Double-wall homes have significant advantages over single-wall homes.

    Keeps the home cool and comfortable round the year: One of the most important benefits of double-wall construction is that it will eliminate thermal breaks and slash energy usage. The insulation between the outer and inner wall layers at all Hiranandani Projects helps create a barrier and keep the home safe in all seasons.

    During the hot summer season, when the daytime temperatures are very high, the insulation between the outer and inner layers prevents the heat from entering the home. It helps to keep the home cool without using ACs, thereby keeping the high costs of air conditioning down and helping you to cut the electricity bills. In rainy seasons, the insulation prevents the inner wall layer from getting wet. It also prevents water seepages and keeps your home clean and dry. Similarly, in the winter season, the outer wall layer prevents the chill weather from entering your home and keeps the interiors warm and cozy.

    Additional carpet area: Another important benefit of the double-wall construction at Hiranandani is the additional carpet area. In single-wall homes, the total length of the wall is included to count the carpet area, however, at Hiranandani, only the inner wall is used to calculate the area. This benefits the homebuyer and gives them more carpet area to lead a comfortable lifestyle.

    Cuts down your electricity bills: The double-wall along with the exclusive architectural design at all Hiranandani apartments that includes large windows and doors helps keep the air circulation and oxygen levels within the home on a healthy side. Irrespective of the weather outside, the features help to keep the interiors safe and comfortable. This keeps the level of power consumption on the low level and slashing your power bills effectively.

    High on durability: Double walls are more durable than single walls. It not only protects the interiors but also lasts for a long time. Damages due to rainwater penetration and moisture are some of the main risk factors that damage a building. At Hiranandani, the double-wall features help protect the walls from these damages.

    Future perfect: Though all the apartments at Hiranandani projects come with provision for a slew of features like fibre, plumbing, gas line, etc, the double-wall elements make it easy to add any provisions if a need arises.

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