Embracing nature for a healthy lifestyle: The gardens at Hiranandani Projects

  • Embracing Nature For A Healthy Lifestyle: The Gardens At Hiranandani Projects
    25Mar 2021

    Gardens within residential zones play a critical part in improving the health and happiness quotient of the residents. In fact, exposure to nature and greens help reduce hypertension and cardiovascular illnesses. A stroll in the gardens improves vitality and mood. Other important benefits include mental well-being issues like anxiety. Gardens also help in restoring attention capacity and mental fatigue. Feeling a part of nature has also shown to significantly complement life satisfaction, happiness, meaningfulness, and lower cognitive anxiety, says a study by the University of Derby.

    But lack of space makes it difficult for most residents in many cities to enjoy the benefits. That's why at Hiranandani Communities, one of its persistent endeavors is to create urban gardens that are sustainable, adds green to the township, and helps the residents to enjoy a better quality of air, in all the projects.

    Here are some benefits that the gardens at Hiranandani projects add to its residents.

    Beautifying the living space. Gardens turn urban eyesores into a vibrant green space, which improves the quality of life for everyone in the neighborhood. They also add to the beauty of the township’s landscape. At Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, a vibrant hue of blue, yellow, pink, violet, and white coloured flowers throughout the space at the curated garden offers an eye-catching atmosphere on entering the township.

    Build a clean, cool and healthy environment. The plants in the Hiranandani gardens add oxygen to the air and help reduce air pollution in the townships. They also absorb rainwater, reducing the amount of runoff that runs through the streets. During the long and hot Indian summer, the garden helps to keep the township cool. The gardens at all the Hiranandani Projects also take part in composting, recycling plant waste such as leaves and tree trimmings into useful fertilizer.

    Fresh and organic-free produce. The gardens at Hiranandani provide fresh and nutritious organic-free produce for the residents, improving their diet and their overall health. At Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, vegetables produced from its gardens are a big hit with residents and those living in the neighborhood of the township. The township has an ambitious plan to convert more land into organic farms given its many advantages.

    Healthy lifestyles. Urban gardening gives its residents a chance to enjoy the fresh air and healthy outdoor exercise. They also provide a peaceful retreat from the noise and bustle of an urban neighborhood, easing stress for residents. Exposure to nature may even reduce mortality, say, scientists.

    Stronger bonding. Sharing a garden gives people a chance to connect with their neighbors. The residents of Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam allow residents to try out gardening. It also makes the residents feel more personally invested in the places where they live and a sense of community spirit.

    Sacred space: Landscapes like the Nakshatra garden at Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam add a sense of peace and spirituality to the township. Located close to the Agatheeswarar Temple within the township, the garden has 27 nakshatra trees and other plants with religious importance. It is a popular spot for the spiritually inclined.

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