Hiranandani Fortune City: A symphony of health, wealth & happiness

  • Hiranandani Fortune City: A symphony of health, wealth & happiness
    21Jul 2021

    Years ago, the celebrated Roman poet Publius Vergilius Maro pronounced: “The greatest wealth is health.” Arguably, such a statement really needs no elaborate explanation or scientific inquiry. At Hiranandani Fortune City Panvel, ‘health and wellness’ remains the main priority, where each element and design of the township is planned to bring out the essence of well-being to the residents.

    Amenities for a healthy lifestyle

    A healthy way of living has become essential in today’s times. Regular physical activity alleviates stress and most of all reduces screen time and mental fatigue. Crazy busy schedules with work and family leave very little time for yourself and your pursuit of a regular health regime. Hiranandani Fortune City helps take care of this time crunch by providing top-grade amenities that will assist you to stay fit.

    When a gym, fully furnished with good quality machines, equipment and weights are available within a walkable distance from your home, focus on the body is easier. The state-of-the-art gym at Hiranandani Fortune City helps the residents to pursue the right mix of cardio and weight training that can increase their physical work capacity and keep them energetic throughout the day.

    Yoga is an age-old exercise that maintains the health of both the body and mind. The various asanas help flex all the muscles and joints that ultimately increases flexibility. The modern yoga studio at Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel offers residents the perfect venue to practice yoga, improve respiration, and maintain a great level of energy and vitality. The studio also offers residents a healthy environment to meditate and develop sharp concentration ability and a calm mind.

    One can never underestimate the importance of well-planned, green open spaces. The landscaped gardens at Fortune City provide residents with lush green lawns for lovely barefoot strolls. The flowers in the garden not only add a cheerful aesthetic appeal but have fragrances that help you calm down and unwind. Strategically planted trees provide shade during the summer days and of course, improve the quality of air.

    A great investment opportunity

    One will never go wrong with real estate investment. During uncertain and turbulent times, the one place that offers comfort and safety is ‘home’. With job losses and economic upheaval, paying rentals for homes suddenly became a financial burden. Home loan borrowers on the other hand had an option to avail EMI moratorium making it beneficial over rental payouts.

    It’s not about just the Covid pandemic, for real estate is considered to be a stable asset class and a preferred investment option especially in a volatile market scenario. The Reserve Bank of India’s House Price Index tracking home prices in 10 major cities puts the average return from real estate in the last 10 years at 11.6% per year. This exceeds the return offered by the equity market at 11% as well as Gold offering a return of 8.8 % over the last 10 years.

    Of all the locations in emerging areas around Mumbai, Panvel is now turning out to be a hot spot for the real estate boom. Well-planned townships like Hiranandani Fortune City in Panvel offer a huge range of options for investments. Good infrastructure, seamless connectivity, and a potential market for rental returns are some of the main reasons.

    The key to happiness

    Various researches suggest that owning a property could be the key to happiness, with homeowners reporting a greater sense of wellbeing than renters. Even those who own a property with a home loan, have higher levels of life satisfaction than people renting, regardless of tenure.

    As a nation of aspirational homeowners, it’s no surprise that those that have managed to reach the life mile marker of owning a home like a modern apartment at Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel will feel more satisfied with themselves, compared to those that remain resigned to a rental market plagued by issues of affordability.

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