Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel, a goldmine for real estate investors

  • Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel, a goldmine for real estate investors
    12Feb 2022

    Investments come in many different shapes and sizes. From stocks and bonds to commodities and more, the choices are unlimited. But, over the last few years, one sector that has offered endless benefits to the investor is real estate. In fact, it has replaced conventional investment schemes like shares, bank deposits, and gold as the most preferred investment option in India.

    One of the foremost reasons for the shift is that real estate is something that will always be in demand. As Indian cities like Mumbai get congested, the real estate boom soon spread to the suburbs, and well-planned places like Panvel, which has big educational institutions, malls, multiplexes, and exotic restaurants are seeing big traction with home-buyers and real estate investors.

    One project that is being sought-after by Indian and NRI investors is Hiranandani Fortune City. Strategically located on the old Mumbai-Pune highway, the township is easily accessible by road and rail from all major points in Mumbai. The upcoming infrastructure projects like the sea link, metro-rail and the water taxis will also add more opportunities to enhance connectivity to Hiranandani Fortune City. The township houses well-planned residences to suit the needs and budget of all homebuyers.

    Starting from the trendy studio and 1-BHK in Panvel to luxurious 3-BHKs in Panvel, the choice is unlimited. Further, the long list of modern amenities at the clubhouse as well as at the cluster level like the modern indoor and outdoor fitness centers, indoor kids zone, cricket pitch, golf putting greens, and more helps the residents to enjoy outdoor life and lead a healthy life.

    And what makes investing in Hiranandani Fortune City, a powerful income generator, is that it not only can help you create wealth, it can also give you a fantastic source of passive income.

    Builds Wealth

    There are a number of ways that investing in Hiranandani Fortune City can help to build wealth. A property at Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel which sits in a good location with easy connectivity to all parts of Mumbai and healthy infrastructure facilities will appreciate as time goes by. All of these things and many others can be used to build wealth through the purchase, maintenance, and sale of a home at Hiranandani Fortune City.

    A great source of passive income

    In addition to wealth-building strategies like the ones mentioned above, owning a property at Hiranandani Fortune City can also provide a solid passive income. If you purchase a flat for sale in Panvel and rent it out, you can maintain the difference between your home loan EMI and the rent as a regular income.

    Excellent opportunity to diversify your portfolio

    Owning a prime property at Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel is a great investment for diversifying one's investment portfolio. The value doesn't fluctuate wildly as many stocks do and they have the advantage of being monetized through rent. Because of this, investing in this township can serve as a great foundation to a larger, highly-diversified portfolio.

    It's a hedge against loss

    One of the major benefits of owning a property at Hiranandani Fortune City is that it's never going to be worthless. A company can go out of business. But property will always be worth something. And it increases in value faster than inflation.

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