Hiranandani Parks, Chennai designed to make the children play, learn and grow happily

  • Hiranandani Parks, Chennai designed to make the children play, learn and grow happily
    20Nov 2021

    Every year, 14 November is celebrated as Children's day in India. Children are the building blocks of the nation. They need to be nurtured; the future of the nation depends on how well they are brought up. And the day is a reminder that every child deserves the best of everything.

    The best way to make children good is to make them happy. - Oscar Wilde

    True to the words of the famous Irish poet and play writer Oscar Wilde, Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam believes in providing a safe and happy environment for today's children. Creative and safe avenues for children to enjoy sports and other extracurricular activities are very important, it helps them gain all-round development that plays a pivotal key in becoming well-adjusted individuals. From an exclusive play area for children to a traffic-free jogging track, swimming pool, 12 sporting avenues, themed gardens, 24x7 hospital, and more amenities, the 360-acre township has a fine range of benefits that help the children to learn and grow.

    Children's play area: The child friendly township in Chennai is designed to provide a lively environment for children to play and learn, the state-of-the-art play area has trendy equipment that engages them in multiple types of play. It helps the children to use their bodies and minds and interact with the environment. The play area has different zones for different energy levels. It creates space for different kinds of activities be it screaming, shouting, talking, and laughing with their friends, or daydreaming.

    Traffic-free jogging track: For children who like to jog around with their parents or otherwise, the jogging track provides the perfect opportunity. Unlike other jogging racks, there are no tree roots, rocks, holes, drop-offs, or unexpected bikers to cause problems. It helps the joggers to enjoy the exercise with less likelihood of causing or aggravating an injury.

    Swimming pool: Swimming can be a fun way to keep the kids active and healthy all year long. It also provides a host of health benefits, like improving strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and more. The modern swimming pool at Hiranandani Chennai helps children to learn to swim with ease.

    Plenty of sporting amenities: From an international standard cricket ground, built to NBA standard basketball courts to ITF standard tennis courts, the township has more than 12 sporting amenities. One of the most exclusive of them is Equestrian, rarely found in other residential townships. The list also includes a 9-hole golf course. Exclusive training programs for kids are held regularly for children interested to learn and play the sport of their choice.

    Themed parks: The 7 themed gardens at Hiranandani project in Chennai are spread across the length and breadth of the township. Each one of the gardens comes with its own unique offerings for the kids to enjoy and learn. The butterfly garden teaches children to care about the environment. It also helps children learn about butterflies and the need to conserve nature. It offers a fun way to make kids environmentally conscious from an early age. The herbal and spice garden helps children to relish nature and get to know about the cultivation of the different variety of spices and herbs. While a trip to the Brindavan garden helps them to understand the religious importance of trees and plants.

    Another important landmark that will wow the kids is the colourful musical water fountain. On special days, the whole place will come to life with the musical fountain show that makes water dance to the beat of the music. The township also has a top CBSE school for the kids to pursue their schooling with ease and a 24x7 hospital in case of any medical emergency.

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