Hiranandani Projects: Designed to keep the residents fit and healthy

  • Hiranandani Projects: Designed to keep the residents fit and healthy
    6Feb 2021

    To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise: Gene Tunney, American professional boxer

    Exercise plays an important part in preserving one's physical and mental health. Whether engaging in light exercises, such as going for a walk or cycling, or high-intensity activities, like hitting the gym or weight training, regular exercise provides a huge range of benefits for the body and mind.

    Availability of large parks and amenities to exercise encourages people to increase their physical activity, and those suffering from chronic conditions who regularly exercise are less prone to major depression, according to a new study.

    Besides increasing physical activity, regular exposure to outdoor green spaces improves cognitive functioning and lowers mortality risks.

    However, as Indian cities turn into concrete jungles to accommodate the steady increase in population, one of the prime casualty is the lack of facilities for healthy living.

    That's why all the projects being developed by the Hiranandani Group stresses the importance of providing the best amenities to exercise and lead a healthy and happy life. At all Hiranandani projects, ample thought and planning go into the design of each and every minute detail of an amenity to enable the user to make the best use of the facility and derive maximum health benefits.

    Here are some of the popular amenities that you will find in the projects developed by the Hiranandani Group which help the residents living here to stay fit.

    Scenic jogging & walking tracks

    Jogging and walking are some of the best ways to keep healthy and fit. Suitable for all ages, it is by far the most popular way of staying fit. It strengthens the immune system and gives strong muscles that will help you maintain mobility as you get older. The jogging and walking tracks at the Hiranandani projects are well laid and lined up with trees to help the users enjoy the green spaces and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Contemporary swimming pool

    Swimming has many benefits, right from building endurance to muscle tone and strength. A 30-minute session can help maintain a healthy weight and also keep your hearts and lungs healthy. Contemporary in style and high on safety, the swimming pools at Hiranandani projects help with boundless fitness options.

    Yoga and meditation options

    Yoga helps to flex the muscles and joints that increase flexibility. Regular yoga practice improves respiration and maintains a great level of energy and vitality. Meditation helps in reducing stress and relax the mind. The fine range for facilities available at Hiranandani projects helps to practice yoga and meditate in a serene atmosphere.

    Well-equipped gym

    When a fully-furnished gym with modern equipment is available at your doorstep, as in all Hiranandani projects, the focus on your body is easier. An intensive workout can help you burn calories and in building up bone density.

    Sporting facilities

    All Hiranandani projects are popular for their wide range of sporting amenities. Apart from the physical benefits, playing different types of sports like football, cricket, volleyball, and more encourages social interactions that relieve depression and boosts confidence. It provides kids and adults with better mental health, time management skills and also develops a competitive spirit.

    One of the popular sports facility developed by Hiranandani Communities is the multi-sports colosseum at Hiranandani Parks in Oragadam, New Chennai. The project offers a fine range of exclusive sports facilities like the 9-hole day & night Golf course, Polo, Equestrian, horse riding in addition to football, cricket, volleyball, basketball, tennis, squash, swimming pool etc. The bouquet of sports activities adds a luxurious quotient to the project.

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