Hiranandani projects: Designed to keep you safe from natural calamities

  • Hiranandani projects: Designed to keep you safe from natural calamities
    12Sep 2021

    Natural disasters and weather-related incidents take a toll on homes in India. From hot summers to heavy rains and flooding during the monsoons and earthquakes, the natural disasters, more recently aided by climate change and environmental degradation, cause extensive damages to the homes. Apart from the financial loss, it also takes a toll on the emotional side.

    As extreme weather and natural disasters have become more common, the architects along with engineers at Hiranandani Communities, combine the use of careful planning and high-quality construction techniques to make classy homes that withstand the effects of extreme weather. Here are some features:

    Homes that withstand the heat of summer: Irrespective of the season, day temperatures in many parts of India remain high throughout the day. In most cases, it is like living in a sauna. However, if you live in a trendy Hiranandani apartment, the exclusive features help keep the home cool naturally. The apartments in Chennai are build using the double-wall technique. The outer wall protects the inner wall and prevents heat from entering the home. It also prevents damage to the inner wall from water seepages during the rainy season. High-grade Gypsum Vermiculite Plaster (GVP) is used for a crack-free internal surface. It helps to reduce heat from entering the home and enables comfortable living. Renova, a special texture paint that is used to paint the external surface, protects and prevents heat from entering the home. The orientation of the tall windows and doors helps in effective cross-air ventilation that increases airflow naturally.

    Earthquake-resistant homes: Earthquakes, though uncommon in many Indian cities, is one of the most unpredictable natural disasters. As a result, the damages and losses they cause can be extensive. The earthquake resistant framed structure at all Hiranandani buildings is capable of withstanding significant damage without losing its strength or stability. It helps the building from collapsing and keeps the residents safe. Highly graded stripped footings and columns made from superior grade concrete and anti-corrosive steel are used to build the structure.

    Flood resistance: Flooding is happening in India more often than ever before. The warming climate has increased flood risks over the past decade, says a study. Hiranandani townships has ways for homes and buildings to better withstand this type of damage. The network of storm water drains prevents rainwater from stagnating in the township and flooding the area during the monsoon. Apart from collecting the water, it transports the water and is stored within the township. Another advantage for the residents of Hiranandani apartments is the provision of underground power and telecommunication cables. They are less liable to damage through rains and floods and help in the unhindered supply of power to the residents, even during the floods.

    Fires: Misuse of appliances and heating equipment are some of the most common reasons for a fire-related incident in a home. At, Hiranandani apartments in Panvel and Chennai, the state-of-the-art fire detection system that automatically sprinkles water when a fire breaks out in every room keep the residents safe and secure. There is also a cutting-edge fire detecting system in every flat to prevent any fire-related damages.

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