Luxury meets serenity at Mount Alterra

  • Luxury meets serenity at Mount Alterra
    4May 2021

    Blend like Heaven

    When Luxury meets serenity it feels like a marriage made in heaven for potential buyers. Luxurious properties in locations such as Khandala are heavenly due to its strategic location and projects by reputed builders such as Hiranandani Communities. Their plots in Khandala are such that the buyers experience an amalgamation of luxury and serenity.

    Location and Amenities

    Khandala is renowned for its soothing ambience and safe and secure environment that allures buyers as well as builders. The demand and supply ratio is fulfilled by opportunist realtors’ who recognise the potential of this location. The attributing factors such as the rich and eclectic geographic terrain, mosaics of grasslands, and vast spreads of wilderness enhance increase the serenity quotient. Placed right off Mumbai-Pune Express Highway, the surreal views indulge your senses with its beautiful mix of luxury and leisure at Mount Alterra. From east to west, north to south, this place comprises of treasure pockets for nature fanatics. Amidst this beautiful picturesque, Mount Alterra is a luxurious project with amenities at par with supreme luxury for glorious lifestyle. One of the key things that set Mount Alterra Khandala apart is the Golf Greens community Golf course. The greenest location and luxurious amenities of Hiranandani Khandala plots are an unbeatable choice for those looking for serenity and luxury.

    Let's dig in more to know how luxury meets serenity at:

    An Iconic Appeal

    Be it New York, London, Paris, or Mumbai, every iconic city is defined by its iconic landmarks. Legends from across the globe – from architects to designers have lent their expertise to create a holistic residential experience in Khandala. The Hiranandani mount Alterra is higher than the other places in terms of sea level, thus you can enjoy a serene oasis nestled at a private and quiet expanse.

    Dependable Connectivity

    The traffic-free roads of Khandala are connected well with the Mumbai Pune Express Highway. You can easily travel to various places through it. Lonavala, Khopoli, and Panvel are its neighboring localities, well associated with Mount Alterra Khandala. Also, the MCA stadium located in Pune and the upcoming international airport at Navi Mumbai is equidistant from Mount Alterra. Moreover, the Hiranandani community expects better connectivity to spark higher tourist arrivals, making Mount Alterra one of the most cosmopolitan and contemporary localities in the region.

    Social Infrastructure

    The social infrastructure of Khandala houses myriad institutions such as Shingroba Temple, Khandala sunset point, Carmel Convent School, Duke's retreat, etc. to entertain you. Moreover, there are multiple residential complexes, luxury hotels, malls, and megastores. All these places are a short distance from Mount Alterra. The famous entertainment spot, Imagica, is just 22kms away from Hiranandani Khandala plots. Due to its scenic view and amazing infrastructure, Khandala has also been featured in various movies.

    Exclusive Amenities

    Mount Alterra Khandala villa plots projects are nothing short of a serene oasis nestled within the private and quiet expanse of natural green with amalgamated luxury, leisure and adventure. The project location is equidistant from MCA stadium located in Pune and the upcoming international airport at Navi Mumbai which makes all the more convenient to potential buyers and investors. The luxurious amenities includes a gymnasium and yoga center for your daily exercise, a swimming pool with a deck to enjoy serene evenings, a clubhouse that lets you host great parties and get-togethers, premium spas, manicured gardens, glass facades, exquisite interiors, fine dining restaurants, discotheques, meeting rooms, lush landscaping and many more to experience the green interplay of luxury, leisure, and adventure in laps of nature's handiwork. With such natural surroundings and uber-in-house luxuries serenity is the fundamental by-product.

    Therefore, Mount Alterra provides you a panoramic view that handsomely steals your mind and body. The nature’s bounty 360 degree offers discerning buyers the best combination of luxury and serenity that boasts an uninterrupted lifestyle tailored to your comfort.

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