No limits: Luxury homes with high ceilings

  • No limits: Luxury homes with high ceilings
    6Feb 2021

    High ceilings add style, sophistication, and loads of benefits to a home. Though a lot of research and survey has been conducted world over to decide on the perfect ceiling height for a home, there is no specific fixed height and it finally comes to the comfort of the user. National Building Code of India 2005 mandates that the minimum height for all rooms shall not be less than 2.75 meters or around 9 feet.

    Highly fashionable and functional, high ceilings in luxury apartments including modern residences from the Hiranandani Group do more than make your rooms remarkable, it will also, add depth and dimension to the rest of the home. Here are some benefits.

    Elegance and style:

    A home with a high ceiling gives a magnificent feeling when you walk in. It provides a sense of grandeur and exudes elegance and spacious luxury. The design gives a feeling of openness and brings fluidity into the atmosphere. The ceilings also create a light and airy space that makes a room look bigger than it really is.

    Keeps your home ventilated and cool:

    High ceilings keep your home ventilated and cool during the summer. The design allows air to circulate the room and keep it ventilated. During summer, the warm air rises, so the higher your ceilings, the cooler the lower levels will be in your home this will keep your home cooler.

    Tons of natural light:

    One of the most important benefits of high ceilings is unhindered daylight and ventilation. The design enables the use of taller windows which enhance daylight distribution into the interiors. And also allows better natural ventilation for spaces furthest from the windows.

    Saves energy

    During summer, high ceilings will make your home cooler as it allows warm air to rise and lets the lower cool layer stays in your home. This will facilitate less usage of fans and AC which will result in energy efficiency and lower utility bills.

    A fine range of decor options

    High ceilings make it possible to explore a wide range of interior design choices. Start by playing with ornate light fixtures or add contrasting colors to your interiors that will make your home stand out. Paintings and wall ideas also bring change into space, but their contribution to tall rooms is simply indispensable. The secret of good design to homes with high ceilings is to use every detail as a decorative element.

    The psychological aspects

    Homes with high ceilings refreshes the brain and encourages free-thinking, say psychologists based on previous research that indicates high ceilings are linked to a sense of freedom.

    A similar study which was done in 2007, too revealed that the height of ceilings affects how people think. Homes with high ceilings make people think more freely, encouraging creativity and abstraction, while lower ceilings promoted confined thinking.

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