Premium villa plots like Hiranandani Mount Alterra at Khandala are the hottest trend in real estate buying: Survey

  • 19Jun 2021

    A recent online survey has revealed that a whopping majority of homebuyers in India now prefer to live in an independent home or villa plots within a gated community. What's more, the survey also shows that home buyers are now willing to move a little away from the city center to own properties that fit their needs.

    Nestled in the lush mountains of Khandala right off Mumbai-Pune Express Highway, away from the tourist frequented, the plots in Khandala are at a hilltop nearby with the greenest of acres to choose from, 518 m above sea level. The plots come with a luxurious clubhouse to host parties and get-togethers, a gymnasium and yoga center for your daily exercising, and a swimming pool with a pool deck to enjoy the serene evenings. The golf course in the community offers an excellent opportunity for residents to meet wonderful people over a game of golf.

    Gardens and open large green areas are a big hit with the homebuyers

    More than 86 % of the 3000 participants feel that the need to have their own garden or backyard lawn is one of the reasons for their decision. Privacy, open spaces as well as exclusivity, completely-owned properties are the other important aspects of the survey. Adding on to these, buyers also prioritized safety and security as an imperative element, alongside easy access to essential services.

    The Mount Alterra Project offers the perfect recipe to indulge your senses with its beautiful mix of luxury and leisure and still offers all the amenities of a world-class standard. This property in Khandala is Luxury at its best. With premium villa plots spread across acres that make an entire mountain, here you can build a home that’s a little touch of heaven.

    Influence of the Covid pandemic

    The Covid-19 induced pandemic and the subsequent lockdown considerably altered the choice and lifestyle needs. Homebuyers now feel that independent homes or villas provide additional choices to customize homes as per one’s preferences along with larger multi-purpose usable spaces. While the need for owning a safe haven surfaced more than ever, the requisites accompanying the desirability showed a substantial shift.

    All India trend

    The trend is visible in all major cities. In fact, Hyderabad and Bengaluru have witnessed an extensive change post the pandemic outbreak. While Hyderabad sold 100 premium units ranging between Rs 5 crore and Rs 12 cr, including properties on the city outskirts between April and June 2020, Bengaluru real estate market has been receiving increased demand for bigger homes and a renewed interest for villas in gated communities which are being considered as safer places to reside in at the moment.

    A recent FICCI-ANAROCK report also states that the demand for plotted developments is on a rise since self-owned homes (villas or row houses) provide better social distancing. From an investment standpoint as well, plotted developments offer multiple advantages with potentially good returns on land investment. 79% of the survey participants also voted for landed properties and independent homes as the best real estate investment option with a majority of them inclining towards having an independent home on their own land.

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