Redefining Sophistication: Top 6 benefits of living at Hiranandani apartments

  • Redefining Sophistication: Top 6 benefits of living at Hiranandani apartments
    6Feb 2021

    Since 1978, Hiranandani Communities has been at the forefront in reimagining luxury living with apartments that offer enduring design features, world-class amenities, and safety for an active and healthy lifestyle. We look at some of the big advantages of living at luxurious Hiranandani apartments.

    World-class architecture:

    Popular for the extravagant domes, mighty arches, and exquisite windows, the neo-classical architecture style at Hiranandani reflects the modern elegance and the flawless execution of all our projects. Utmost care is taken to design each and every home with great attention to every detail to offer you and your family the best of life.

    Superior construction quality:

    The thoughtfully designed apartments at Hiranandani, whether in Mumbai or Chennai, are customized with beautiful and top-quality finishes. The spacious layouts include a roof with over deck insulation to reduce heat gain, heavy-grade aluminum windows with the best finish to allow in plenty of natural light, and high door height.

    You’ll find Gypsum Vermiculite Plaster for smooth, durable, and crack-free internal surfaces, a double wall system for exterior surfaces for better protection from natural elements and thermal comfort, and high-end sanitary settings and fixtures. And the unique Renova external textured Acrylic paint offers beauty to the exteriors.

    At all our projects, the procurement and quality of the raw materials at the construction site are periodically monitored and evaluated by a team of experts. The team ensures that only the best quality product goes in the building.

    Loaded with eco-friendly measures:

    Ensuring green ideas are very much an integral part of the planning process at Hiranandani. As a part of this eco-friendly measure, Green Walls have been implemented in some of our projects - Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, and Hiranandani Estate, Thane, and has been successful in lowering the temperature within the structure. Covered with plants and creepers the walls apart from providing a pleasant ambient temperature to the location adds a calming influence for the residents.

    All Hiranandani projects are also endowed with well-planned civic infrastructure facilities like the state of the art sewage treatment plant and a modern water treatment plant. The recycled water is used to maintain the lush gardens. The water treatment plant makes use of the available resources with the projects and provides water rain or shine.

    Another hallmark of the Hiranandani projects is the use of exclusive double wall feature to the apartments. It helps to keep the home cool without the use of AC, saves energy, and cuts down on the electricity bill.

    Large open green spaces and amenities:

    All Hiranandani projects come with a long list of exclusive lifestyle amenities with new-age equipment and services. They allow you ample scope for relaxation and recreation. Some of the facilities common in all Hiranandani projects include pools, gyms, retail stores, gardens, play space, and more.

    3-tier safety and security measures:

    Scoring high on safety, all Hiranandani projects incorporate global best practices to ensure that no corners are cut while providing for safety measures. Matching design aspects with structural stability, the measures are all about going beyond the rules and regulations to ensure a proper foundation. CCTV and round the clock security ensure the residents are safe and secure.

    The guards keep a tab on the visitors and staff, and everyone carries a community ID. All Hiranandani projects come with a round-the-clock health care inside the township. With one of the best medical teams, 24X7 pharmacy, and ambulance services, all your medical care needs are taken care of at our projects.

    Enhanced community living:

    Another benefit of apartment living is the chance to meet and mingle with neighbors and other members of the apartment. Regular meetings and other leisurely activities usually at the clubhouse or theme gardens offer the residents, the perfect platform to bond during the weekends.

    All Hiranandani projects enhance self-sufficiency by comprising tree-lined avenues, themed gardens, a health care facility, educational facility, clubhouses, retail options, workplaces, sports-themed amenities, and more.

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