Revving up remote work: Find out how a Hiranandani apartment helps you to remain positive and thrive through the pandemic

  • 16Jun 2021

    Many people continue to work and study from home as they navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While remote life has its benefits, it can also be challenging. There are a few smart steps you can take to avoid unnecessary stress and help you thrive in both your personal and professional life. Find out how a trendy Hiranandani home helps you to remain positive and embrace a positive approach to work.

    1. Perfect atmosphere for self-care

    The chronic stress of pushing through the pandemic can cause brain fog. Examples of brain fog include difficulty in getting motivated, losing your focus easily, searching for your words when trying to communicate, and having difficulty making up your mind. At times, small tasks can feel overwhelming. To prevent brain fog, take a break from work, school, or other must-do's and schedule time to do something you enjoy for 10 to 15 minutes. The spacious Hiranandani apartment offers you ample space to move away from your workplace and enjoy the break. What's more, the tall doors and windows allow adequate sunlight for a healthy atmosphere. Without these breaks, you’ll end up less productive and less engaged at work overall. This inevitably forces you to expend more mental energy to reach the same goals. A quick break will help you refresh and refocus.

    2. Take a fake commute

    Although long and unpredictable commutes can increase stress, there were aspects of commuting that may have been beneficial. Instead of doing these enjoyable activities at home, many people have simply replaced this lost time with more work. Rather than working from the time you wake until dinner, consider being more mindful and try scheduling a fake commute instead. That means taking the same amount of time you would have spent in your car or on public transport and replacing it with a walk within the 360-acre township. Home to 12 themed gardens and more than 40+ sporting amenities, Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam provides you the perfect time and atmosphere to take a break.

    3. Change your workplace within your home

    Kids, spouses, roommates, and even pets add new elements to your workday that can distract from your concentration. When you need time to focus, consider a change of scenery. For example, make the beautiful balcony at your Hiranandani apartment your office space to boost efficiency during the workday. This is a great option for when you have an important meeting or presentation, and need to fully focus.

    4. Have a wellness break

    Since you won’t be having the normal chit-chat with your coworkers, try partnering up with a coworker, creating a wellness challenge, and holding each other accountable. You could both take the same challenge: meditate for 10 minutes a day, go for a run, or walk, or do a workout video. The spacious interiors at all Hiranandani apartments offer you the perfect atmosphere to relax and meditate. The fine range of gardens and parks within the township helps you go for a quick run or walk. Once you’ve completed your daily challenge, send a quick text to check in and let your partner know you’ve done it. Not only will you be more likely to follow through with your wellness habit, but you’ll also have fun connecting with a coworker in a new way.

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