Take a new approach to wellness at Hiranandani Fortune City

  • Take a new approach to wellness at Hiranandani Fortune City
    30Apr 2022

    Wellness, physical activity, and time outside are two wonderful gifts for one's body and mind; they’re proven to reduce stress and anxiety and offer a greater sense of well-being. Recognizing its importance Hiranandani Communities, the promoters of Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel, Navi Mumbai have conceived and created a fine range of amenities and facilities that helps the residents to take a new approach to wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

    Here are some features that help the residents to boost their energy, mood, and state of mind.

    Amenities right off your doorstep: All the amenities are available very close to the homes. So it is easy to take just 10 minutes of moderate or vigorous activity outdoors twice a day which can significantly benefit your mind and body.

    Range of features to set yourself up for success: The wide range of amenities at Hiranandani Fortune City helps the residents to plan for moments in the day when they typically have the most energy.

    Perfect atmosphere to enjoy outdoors: The pleasing atmosphere allows the residents to enjoy the outdoor activity, it is no more treated as a chore or an obligation; it’s a well-deserved break. It allows the residents to enjoy fresh air, gain more focus, a healthier body, and a better mood.

    Plenty of opportunities to give residents a goal: From trying a new yoga flow, walking a new trail, or trying a new style of workout. The complete gamut of amenities helps the residents to focus on the present.

    The outdoors at Hiranandani Fortune City is your playground: Step outside and take in all the possibilities. Practice meditation or strength exercises right on your front step or in your backyard or take a walk or jog around the township.

    Moderate or vigorous activity, do what feels good: Taking the steps towards a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean running a marathon or lifting heavy weights. The wide spectrum of amenities helps the residents to safely choose an activity they love and embrace the feeling.

    Change the routine if you need to. If the residents find a routine tiring while doing it at the end of the day, next time, try it first thing in the morning or try a different routine. The fine range of activities helps the residents to try different routines and pick the perfect one.

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