The technology behind every Hiranandani township

  • The technology behind every Hiranandani township
    15Aug 2021

    Although we might not notice it, we spend our lives surrounded by technology. It is an ever more crucial part of the modern home, not only in terms of how we entertain ourselves but also in making our lives more comfortable and ensuring that our properties are secured against a variety of external threats. Considering this, we at Hiranandani make technology integration a priority when designing and building properties.

    Using the newer technology advancements in each and every stage of the construction process, right from the macro-level of the township planning to the details of doors and windows, Hiranandani has transformed the way townships are built.

    Here are some ways in which Hiranandani uses technology to build its masterpiece townships.

    World-class construction

    Our townships are built keeping the communities in mind. As always, one can expect to see technology innovations across residential, commercial, and natural spaces, which have always been the Hiranandani way.

    Double-wall construction technique. To start with, Hiranandani uses double-wall technology to build its apartments. The technology feature not only protects the inner wall from extreme weather conditions outside but also allows for adding provisions for fiber, plumbing, gas line, etc later.

    High-grade plaster. Gypsum Vermiculite Plaster (GVP) is used for a smooth, durable, and crack-free internal surface. It also reduces the rate at which heat is lost (or gained) through walls and ceilings and enables comfortable living and working temperatures to be reached quickly.

    Specialized external paint. All Hiranandani buildings use Renova texture paints to paint the external surface of the buildings. Apart from the trendy aesthetics, it protects the surface from extreme weather conditions and lasts longer than normal paints.

    Earthquake resistant structure. All Hiranandani townships are designed by international architects & consultants and are built using Earthquake resistant framed structure that saves the residents in case of any natural disaster. Highly graded stripped footings and columns made from superior M30 grade concrete and anti-corrosive Fee500 steel are used.

    Underground cables for uninterrupted supply. Provisions for underground power and telecommunication cables are provided at all Hiranandani townships. They are less liable to damage through storms and lightning, low maintenance cost, fewer chances of faults, smaller voltage drops, and offer a better general appearance. They can also be extended if the need arises.

    Hiranandani’s quality assurance plan

    At Hiranandani Communities, strong emphasis is laid on selecting superior quality construction materials be it the fittings or the paint, so as to ensure that the overall development is time-tested and long-lasting.

    Every project follows the high Hiranandani standard of quality work practices. It includes investigating new methods of works and ideas without compromising on quality. Inspecting every inward material’s quality at the site gate entry point itself. Testing and confirming the quality of all materials prior to use. Ensuring the mock-up and approval for all finishing activities. Verification of all workmanship through the defined stage-wise checklists process to ensure high standard quality of work.

    Furthermore, all the vendors and workers are screened before the orders are issued. Effective quality training in both sequence & method of work, for supervisors, is provided. All the workers are educated about the quality of work procedures through effective pep talks. Ensuring calibration for all survey and quality equipment before use. Periodic quality tests and regular maintenance of the water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, DG, landscaping, and SWD trenches are conducted regularly.

    A fine range of safety measures to enhance the resident's everyday lifestyle

    Pandemic or otherwise, the safety of the residents features very high on our list.

    Antimicrobial and green fixtures. High-end fittings and fixtures are used at all Hiranandani projects. These fixtures have antimicrobial properties that can kill microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. It acts as a natural deterrent and keeps the residents safe. What’s more, sanitaryware, used in the townships scores high on green building concepts. They are designed to use minimum water and offer maximum usage.

    Large windows for natural light and ventilation. The 7 and 8 feet tall windows and 8 feet tall doors located at vantage positions help fresh air and natural light to flow unrestrained into the rooms, it also influences the interior ambiance of the home.

    Lifts with advanced features. All the lifts use the latest technologies that are elderly-friendly and fitted with safety measures that keep the users safe even during power outages. Each tower has two passenger lifts and one service lift. The passenger lifts have a capacity to accommodate 20 passengers with a total capacity of 1360 kgs and speeds at 2.5 m/s. All the lifts have an automatic rescue device system that allows them to stop at the nearest floor during a power shutdown.

    Modern fire sprinkler system. Each flat has a fire detection system that automatically sprinkles water when a fire breaks out. This system keeps all the members of the family, particularly the young and elderly safe. These systems are covered with POP cornice for safety reasons and also to maintain the aesthetics.

    Power backup for uninterrupted supply. All the townships have state-of-the-art diesel generators (DG) as a backup source of power in cases of emergency such as power outages or in off-grid locations.

    Another technological wonder at the Hiranandani townships is the use of intelligent streetlights in certain areas that automatically turn off when there is no movement. It helps reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The series of cutting-edge CCTV cameras at all the public spaces within the townships help the security personnel to keep a tab on activities in the townships and the residents safe.

    Technology-driven green infrastructure

    While Hiranandani townships are at the forefront of adopting the latest technologies to their construction practices, the townships are also popular for adopting the latest technologies to make their townships energy-efficient and self-sustainable. The state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant (STP) and rainwater harvesting, and water treatment technologies are evidence of its commitment. Through a series of well-laid stormwater drains the rainwater is collected, stored, and using the technology-driven water treatment plants like the one in Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, which has the capacity to treat 2.34 MLD (Millions of Litres Per Day), the water is treated and supplied to the residents. The pipes that carry water to the households in the townships are exclusively designed to take care of the pressure and allow an unhindered supply of water to the residents.

    The Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at two of Hiranandani's mega township projects, Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, and Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, Chennai scores high on self-sustainability, waste reduction, and fertilizer production. Through the treatment of wastewater, the quantity of waste that's released into the environment is considerably reduced, thereby improving the environment’s health. This, in turn, reduces the health risk related to environmental pollution and therefore the nearby water bodies remain uncontaminated. The treated water is reused for bathroom flushing alongside other domestic uses like watering plants and cleaning the ground. The sludge collected during the treatment process is treated using the sludge drying lagoon method and converted into a form of natural biodegradable fertilizer. This natural fertilizer is used to increase the crop yields in gardens.

    At Hiranandani Communities, the townships are a reflection of our vision of a lifestyle powered by technology, immersed in lush landscapes and a bustling neighbourhood brimming with the goodness of a thriving community. View all our projects at Created using innovative technology and detailed videos, the website provides the buyer with an immersive experience of the property.

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