Top colour trends that will make an impact in 2022

  • Top colour trends that will make an impact in 2022
    8Jan 2022

    The verdict is out. Colour experts have revealed the top 6 colours that will make an impact in 2022. Colours play an important role in our lives, they can directly influence our emotions. Adding a soothing colour to the living room or a vibrant one for the dining room can make a big difference. It will uplift the mood of the home and the residents. And after nearly two bumpy years, design enthusiasts are turning to colour to add vibrancy and life to their homes and create spaces of inspiration.

    From earthy tones to warm neutrals, colour experts feel that these latest colour trends will set the tone for the rest of the scheme in 2022. At Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel, the latest colours are used to design homes. The colours are used according to a set prescription to bring positive vibes into the home. They also bring luck, positive energy, and cheer into the abode.

    Gray-Green: A top favourite with leading paint companies, Gray-green symbolizes balance and harmony often seen in the natural world. From a splash of colour in the dining room to a colour theme in the living room, grey-green can be used in many ways throughout the home. It symbolizes health, new beginnings, and wealth. The colour is also the easiest on the eyes and can create the perfect balance in a design.

    Vintage Yellows: The shade of optimism and joy, it is the most energetic of the warm colours. The right shade can add richness to the interiors. Accents of yellow add happiness, hope, and sunshine to the living space. A darker shade injects an infusion of sunshine while remaining on the right side of sophistication.

    Calming Blues: One of the most popular shades in the world of interiors, soft blue is both soothing and invigorating and offers plenty of design versatility. Used with matching colours, blue offers a vibrant and calming environment to the living space.

    Earthy Tones: From sage to deeper tones, colour experts feel that greens of all undertones and shades will be a popular choice as people yearn to bring a sense of nature into their homes. With the perfect balance of boldness and versatility, this colour will energize any living space.

    Deep Violets: Replacing the traditional black colour, deep violets add bold, yet classic aesthetic elements to any design. It can be incorporated into interiors anywhere from dark terrazzo floors to dark walls.

    Warm Neutrals: A popular theme for designers, it brings warmth and versatility to the living space. The neutral palette can make a room cozy and comforting. Sandy beige with subtle red undertones and airy beige that gets brighter in natural light are two of the trendy neutral elements.

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