Windows with a warm, welcoming view! At Hiranandani apartments

  • Windows with a warm, welcoming view! At Hiranandani apartments
    22Aug 2021

    A morning glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books --Walt Whitman

    True to the quote by the American poet, windows play an important element in the well-being of the residents in their homes. Long seen as a traditional requirement of a home, homeowners are now realizing the importance of the windows, particularly the large ones. From adding an artistic element to keeping the home well ventilated and lit, large windows have plenty of advantages.

    At 8 feet tall and framed using High grade powder-coated anodised aluminium that adds durability and style, the large windows at Hiranandani apartments come with loads of benefits to the residents.

    Abundant natural daylight: The large windows at Hiranandani projects in Panvel and Chennai are strategically located in vantage points allow unhindered natural daylight to flow into the homes. Apart from keeping the rooms bright, daylight plays an important role in maintaining the residents' health. Exposure to the sunlight helps increase vitamin D; it plays an important role in keeping the bones healthy. It also helps in treating several skin conditions and has preventive benefits to some forms of cancer.

    Keeps the home cool with wind-effective ventilation: The large windows help in cross-air ventilation and keep the home cool naturally. The orientation of the multiple windows at Hiranandani apartments in Chennai and Panvel acts as a modern natural ventilation system that helps in increasing the flow of cool air coming in and assists the hot air going out. This increases the airflow naturally and controls the air quality inside the home cost-effectively.

    It greatly helps in keeping the home cool without the use of fans and ACs, cutting down on electricity bills and increased savings to the residents.

    Brings the residents closer to nature: Another benefit of large windows is that it helps residents to easily connect with the surroundings. For people living on the lower floors of Hiranandani apartments, the main window acts as the center of attraction and provides an unobstructed view of the landscaped podiums gardens and outdoors. For residents living on the upper floors the windows present an enchanting view of the hills or lakes or the township. Exposure to nature reduces stress and increases pleasant feelings, it also contributes to happiness, reduces blood pressure and muscle tension.

    Improves the mood of the residents: The large windows at Hiranandani apartments, apart from brightening the home, keeps the residents calm and have a positive outlook on life. Adding natural light to one's life can reduce depression and relieve anxiety, say health experts. And the hormones triggered by sunlight help residents to have a better mood and stay focused, the report adds.

    Adds aesthetics and style to the home: The large windows at Hiranandani townships will pep up the look and feel of the room and hence is a vital part of your room and home decor. Whether draped with curtains or blinds, styled with cornice boards or left plain, the windows will help to enhance the innate beauty of the room and allow residents to flaunt their appeal and uniqueness.

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